Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- The Cousins Havin' A Ball

I have to bend the rules of being wordless today-( I'm never really very good at being quiet anyway:).
These pictures were taken by our DIL's Lisa and Jess of the three cousins ( our grands!:) last month when Daniel, Jess and the boys went to Pittsburgh and spent a week with Ben, Lisa and Sophia.

Some of these pics can't go without a caption from Grammy:)

Three cutie pies- all looking the same direction.

I understand that Sophie kept trying to get the ball to stay under her chin...

...Still trying...

Okay--almost got it...

TA-DA!  Love her smiling eyes here:)

It looks like Sam is...

growing a little weary of picture-taking time...

...but is being so patient to continue:)
Love Eli's smile here.

I love this whole next series of pics of Sophie and Eli-- I wonder what she is saying?:)

It's so nice for the cousins to spend time together and I know they had a wonderful time!

I hope you are getting some this wonderful cooler (and lower humidity!:) weather where you are.
Amanda and I are in the middle of some housekeeping projects before she starts classes next week, so I'm not sure when I will be posting again. But I hope to come visit.
Happy Summer!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lots to Share / Technical Difficulties

I was away for a few days and promised pictures.  The trouble is I've had a combination of our internet slowing to a c- r -a -w -l, difficulty downloading photos, and now the camera is misplaced.  Triple wammy!:)

So please be patient and I promise to get it worked out soon.

I hope you all are able to keep from melting in these hot, hot temps!  Looking forward to Sunday up here, when they say things will cool off a bit.  Hope you get some relief, too!:)

Here is a hint of things to come:

Photos of hubby and I, taken by our sweet DIL, Brooke for our 35th anniversary- that was fun.:)   (Brooke and Tim also have since moved to Grand Rapids to work in ministry there.  Are sure missing them.

Sharing with you pics and a story about my new bird feeder/ hanging flower station.  Also pics of our newly painted deck railing. Yay!:)

Then, pictures of our trip to Door County for a long weekend of time spent with Daniel, Jess, little Sam and Eli, and Nathan and Kristen!  Amanda and I had such a wonderful time there at Jess' family's lake home.

Even typing this is proving to have it's problems.   So as soon and my computer savvy hubby or one of our sons has the time to take a look at my computer (and we find the camera;), I'll be back to tell you all about our summer happenings here in Wisconsin!

Stay cool!:)