Monday, October 27, 2008

Birthday Celebration

"Birthday Season" is here for our family. Birthdays start in September and proceed through May, with the exception of April. We had a combined celebration Sunday for Jess (September), Kristen and Sam. Sam was born on his Aunt Kristen's birthday last October. Jess is Sam's mom:)

Nine of us were here for this gathering- 3 missing from our family of 12. Ben and Lisa live in Pittsburgh and Jonathan wisely chose to stay in Milwaukee and study for an approaching crucial exam. We missed them, but did enjoy talking to Ben on the phone, catching up with news of his work at school and Lisa's new job. Several of us spoke/texted to Jonathan on the phone on Saturday as he studied in the library of the UW campus. As Dad always says, "study hard", Jonathan!

For lunch we had a variety of three soups- chili, vegetable and broccoli cheese. Pickles, crackers, cheese spread, rolls and butter along with sweet tea, peach tea and lemonade served on the side.

The soups helped warm us up on this crisp Autumn day. In the early afternoon we looked out to see a few snow flurries falling along with the leaves in the wind. Remembering last winter's record snowfall of over 100 inches, we are not wishing for an early return of winter this year!

In the afternoon, we enjoyed just being together again- some stayed around the kitchen table for a while to chat, while others moved to the living room to relax.

Little Sam napped for a couple of hours and then birthday gifts were opened and we enjoyed Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Sorry for the lack of visuals-- I was having too much fun being Grammy and forgot to snap pictures of the day, except the one of Sam opening a gift.

Of course, our main entertainment for the day was to watch Sam walk around discovering Grand-dad and Grammy's house with hallways to walk and cabinet doors to skillfully open and close (and for some reason said "salsa" each time) So cute:).

He is learning new words, which we think is adorable:) What an amazing amount of discovery and learning is going on with that little guy each day! And he is such a happy little boy- that's what is neat! Okay, I'm done for now. I'll stop reporting his every move:)

I also want to say how much we love and wish Kristen and Jess, our beautiful daughters-in-law, Happy Birthday! We celebrate their lives, and the blessings that they are to our family! We love you!

Friday, October 24, 2008

1952 Woman's Day Magazine #2- Show & Tell Friday

Show and Tell
Visit Kelli, the host of Show and Tell Friday, and take a look at other fun stuff.

Last week I promised more from my August 1952 edition of Woman's Day magazine.

When this issue came out, my mom was four months pregnant with me:) I was to be number two of seven siblings (5 boys- 2 girls). Hey, that's why it was called the Baby Boom!;)

Here we go: Let's start with food.

Betty Crocker cake mixes. The beginning of shortcuts for the busy wife and mother.

Baked Alaska- yum!

Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Spaghetti- an economic meal.

The convenience of cheese being already sliced!

"There's always room for JELL-O!"-- And even Dad can make it? :)
I love the text- "Having a little trouble, Mac?"

The all American hot dog.

I know Kellogg's Corn Flakes, but not this.

How to make 36 Frosty Drinks.

Maternity clothes from a familiar brand- Lane Bryant.

Even-flo Bottles.

Another famous brand -Heinz. Of course, Gerber was well known also.

Anyone have a doll like this? I had a doll that wet on me Christmas morning! My dad thought it was hilarious:)

Helpful Articles: Games to play on a road trip-- Animal Alphabet and Animal Sounds.

Recipes using Zucchini Squash

How to Make Extra Money--I actually did this (sold Christmas cards) when I was about 12. They were late arriving -about a week before Christmas. I was so embarrassed, but my gracious customers never complained. The beauty of living in a small town.

Getting clothes white --Notice the white gloves.

Women's Skin Care- Palmolive Soap

The Newest Fall Fashion

Featured Stories

On a more sobering thought- This ad is on the last page of the magazine. It features a Marine in the Korean War and is an ad for Americans to buy Defense Bonds.

The American wife and homemaker in 1952 had many responsibilities, just like women today. When we look back to these, what we call the "good ole days", times were simpler, and less rushed. I'm sure most who lived through those years will tell you things were not all rosy. Women worked hard ( I know my mom did) in the home without many conveniences that we have today and got up and did it all the next day.
But she loved her family and did it as a service to them.

I have been inspired by so many bloggers, whom I have visited these past few weeks. Your attitude of lovingly serving your families by making special meals or just making something simple that is their favorite food -- Creatively decorating your homes frugally and sharing how you do it--often with humor. One blogger named her blog "a soft place to land"-- and I think that says it all. We want our homes to be a soft place to land for ourselves and our families--a safe haven- a place they want to be.

I see this as a high calling for us- whether we work outside the home or stay at home, through this community of bloggers, we are not alone--and we help each other. We are not perfect- far from it,- but if we can encourage, inspire, or put a smile on someone's face, it is worth the effort:)

So thanks from me. I hope you have a really good day:)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

1952 Woman's Day Magazine #1- Show & Tell Friday

Show and Tell Kelli is the gracious host of Show and Tell Friday at There's no Place Like Home. Visit her site for more.

The Front Cover --notice the price!

Last Christmas I was given a very unique and unexpected gift from our friend Lisa's parents, just because they thought that I would enjoy it. Mr. B has a collection of vintage magazines. I have never had the opportunity to meet Mr. & Mrs. B, but I thank them for this treasure. What a generous gift! This Woman's Day, is dated August 1952.
This is the first in a short series of pages I will show for this week and next.

The image that women's cleaning attire included heels and pearls. The "June Cleaver" image.

Sorry this one is so blurry--can you see what she's cleaning?

The fashion was very sharp-looking then--with the help of starch in the laundry. And yes, no permanent press yet--ironing was it!

Ideas for being frugal and making Christmas gifts- just like today:)

And giving haircuts at home.

Here is an advertisement that you don't see today. Full page ad.

More advertisements.

The fashion for the campus, office and home.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this walk into the past today. Next week I will share some featured articles, and more help for the homemaker of 1952.

Did you ever notice that in one of the first few pages of every issue of Woman's Day there is a scripture verse? Here is the verse found in this 56 year old issue:

"Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile. Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it." Psalm 34:13,14

Now there's something that never goes out of style:) Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Breakfast on the Deck

On a recent crisp, sunny October morning, I poured my cup of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table. Thinking about how we need to repaint the deck railings soon, I glanced out the patio door. There I saw Mr. or Mrs. (Pumpkin Eater) Squirrel (can't really tell with squirrels- no separate coloring like with birds) enjoying breakfast on the deck.

My guess is that it was Mrs. Squirrel --who, had been to the salon for a nice fur-fluffing (notice the beautiful fluffy tail) and then out shopping, gathering supplies for her household. She just needed a little snack before she headed home. She was slipping in some "alone time" -- eating in peace and quiet before she went on home to the pine tree,where all the kids would want some of her doughnut -I mean- nut.

Yes, it was probably impulse eating, as usually happens when a busy mom is gathering groceries. She left the nest early, no time for breakfast, and as she was scurrying around, the sights and smells of all the food around her just took over. Never shop when you're hungry, they say.

I drank my coffee in silence--making no sudden moves that would disrupt this moment for her. Eat on my little friend... you have earned it.

I think about buying a pumpkin for the deck again this year- just a small one. Mr. Squirrel can perhaps design an apartment out of it, where you could have an occasional afternoon get-away while he and the kids nap in the tree. Or you, Mrs. Squirrel, could relax and catch an episode of "Rocky and Bullwinkle"- (remember Rocky the flying squirrel?:) Better yet- watch the Food Network where you could get recipes for 101 ways to use nuts. Could be a long winter... remember last year?...brrrr...

Getting up to pour myself another cup of coffee, I feel a little shiver... and think how thankful I am that it is still only October. Oh, and I need to go to the grocery store this afternoon... I think we're out of doughnuts milk.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall Flower Arrangement- Show and Tell Friday

Show and Tell
I have joined in Show and Tell over at Kelli's House.

This fall flower arrangement sits on the island in my kitchen. The ceramic pumpkin holds the various flowers and cattails and sits on a table runner covered with autumn leaves. There are apple/cinnamon candles on each side. I bought this several years ago in Illinois, while shopping with my sister, Melissa. It always reminds me of the fun we had that weekend getting ready for fall!:)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Season


It's hard to believe that our little grandson, Sam, is growing and learning so fast. The picture on the right of my blog is me holding Sam for the first time almost a year ago. That was the day I stepped into a new season of my life - I'm now known to one as "Grammy". With one foot still planted firmly in the "being a mom" season (not an empty-nest yet:), I embarked on a whole new experience.

We are looking forward to Sam's first birthday in a couple of weeks.

To watch a baby grow and learn is a wonderful experience. Being the mother of six, it's not unfamiliar to me. Still, with each one, it's like it's all new again. Nothing fascinates me more than to watch a little one learn about the world around him, and then see his/her responses as they figure things out.

I came across these pictures of Amanda and Sam playing peek-a-boo. At this tender young age, Sam could interact and play a game. No matter how many times I witness this, it amazing every time. Come next March I will be privileged to become Grammy to another precious little one. How blessed am I.

We are wonderfully made by our Creator... If we feel so much love in our hearts for our children and grandchildren, think how God feels about us, His children.
"Amazing Love, how can it be?..."

Signed: One happy Mom and Grammy --and child of God:)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sunday With Lisa and Family

(Miranda, Jess, Daniel, Tim, Nathan- Lon (dark hair)& Jonathan (blonde hair)

We have had so much fun recently with Sunday get-togethers! Last Sunday we were so happy to have our daughter-in-law, Lisa, here - all the way from Pittsburgh. (Sorry- Lisa was cut out of lunch photo, but here she is holding Sam!) She had come home for a friend's wedding. It is the first time we have been together since Lisa and Ben gave us the wonderful news that they are expecting a baby in March! So exciting! Ben had to remain at home for this trip and we looking forward to seeing him at Christmas! Love you Ben!!

Lisa holding Sam

Lisa and Jess's good friend, Miranda, from Madison was able to join us also. This felt like old times of when Miranda would join us for those "KFC and Collier Tea" Sunday lunches. She was one of the UW-Whitewater students whom we met when Ben and Daniel would bring friends home after church. (See my "funky chicken" blog for details:) It was so good to see her again.

Also joining us was Daniel, Jess and little Sam from Milwaukee. Grand-dad and Grammy are happy with any time we can spend with Sam. He demonstrated his new skills at walking for us and of course we were amazed! He is also talking more -"hey buddy"! He is such a happy little boy, with the greatest smiles. Honestly, we love spending time with his mom and dad too!!

Jonathan, our son,who is a student at UW-Milwaukee, was able to put studying aside for a little while and ride along with Daniel and Jess for the day. We are always happy when he can break away for a weekend visit home! It was so nice to have the family together again.

Nathan and Kristen from here in Sun Prairie arrived also. Even though we live in the same town, seems like we see too little of them. Life gets so busy. We are going to have to remedy that:) Kristen is a manager at a local retail store and is also taking some classes. Nathan is an avid biker and bikes to work year round 5-6 miles each way. He also bikes into Madison just for fun.

Tim,rode his "new" bike from Madison to Sun Prairie. This was the maiden voyage on his bike and quite an undertaking. After some initial doubts on Tim's part (a call 20 minutes into the ride) of whether he could make it, Amanda and Nathan were sent out in the van to help. But Tim persevered and made the entire trip successfully (a 45 min. ride)! As Tim appeared at our front door, I hummed the "Rocky" theme song for him as he climbed the stairs to the living room:)

For lunch I served lasagna - one with meat and the other with zuccini squash. Also, with side dishes of corn, green salad and cantaloupe. For dessert, there was peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream. And of course, iced tea and lemonade. To avoid elbows bumping, Lon had brought in an extra table. Kristen and Amanda graciously volunteered to sit at, what is commonly called the "kids' table", although, not kids at all-- they are two classy young ladies:)
Table for two...

As September was winding down, we were in awe of the beauty of this autumn day-- A great setting for making endearing memories with family and friends.