Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday --Wonderful Friends- Talented Artists- Beautiful Wedding Day

The Program: Graphic sketch by Kiersty Doty, design by Jake Myszka
Photo by Patricia Espedal
(click on picture for larger view)

Photo by Jonathan Stoner- Tapestry by Rachel Coote
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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Peggy over at The Simple Woman's Daybook is the gracious host here.

For Today... September 28, 2009

Outside my window... It's grey, cloudy, windy today. I'm hearing the garbage truck go down the street... I wonder how often they have to replace the brakes on their fleet of trucks--all that starting and stopping...

I am thinking... it's getting time to put the capris away and bring out the jeans and sweatshirts...fall is really here and it feels like it.

I am thankful for...In the middle of this month, Ben, Lisa and little Sophia are making a trip from Pittsburgh that we didn't expect!!! the middle of this month!! In three short weeks, they will be here for a visit!!! :) --which also means that they will be here to celebrate Sam's 2nd birthday with the rest of the family. That is also Sam's Aunt Kristen's birthday!! (Sam was born on Kristen's birthday and Sophia was born on Amanda's birthday:)

From the kitchen... for dinner tonight- meatloaf, baked potatoes, broccoli with cheese, cupcakes.

I am wearing... blue sweatshirt, blue sweats- very warm and comfy...

I am hoping...again- for dry weather so that we can paint our deck railings-too much wet weather last week.

I am hearing... Amanda singing as she gets ready to head out for her class.

I am praying... that our son Jonathan's financial aid is awarded soon. It would take a lot of pressure off of him. Also for Jonathan to stay healthy - hard classes and a job keep him very busy.

Around the house... start to get the house spruced up for Ben and Lisa's visit- cleaning, fall decorations upstairs and down.

One of my favorite things...hearing someone mowing in the distance- I don't know why-actually it inspires me to get busy, too! --- unlike our neighbor who revved up his mower at 8:15 Saturday morning--I repeat Saturday morning :/ Apparently he didn't get the (unwritten:) memo that says that, out of respect for your neighbors who want to sleep in because they stayed up too late the night before ;), no one mows until 9:00 am:) I forgave him though... bless his heart...maybe he wasn't going to be home later or something.

A few plans for the rest of the week...maybe a trip with Amanda to a local farm that sells pumpkins. It's not a trip really, -- it is literally 2 minutes away from our house-- such a fun place:) ... Pumpkins...reminds me of my very first post a year ago this month:)

I never imagined the joy of "meeting" the wonderful blogging friends that I have made this past year, or the many things that I have learned because of you! You have blessed and inspired my life...thank you:)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...* Speaking of pumpkins...

These are pictures from my first post last September about our pesky squirrels that give us so much entertainment:)

I hope you have a great week!:)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Sonya at Truth 4 The Journey has invited us to join her and list of five things for which we are thankful.

1) I am thankful for mercies that are new every morning. Our Lord loves us so much and He gives us a new opportunities every day to live for Him and not ourselves. Thank you Lord!

2) I am thankful for our home. I believe that the Lord picked it out for us. Twenty-three years ago, we literally bought it sight unseen. Yes-did not see it before we bought it. My husband's dear father found it for us with our real estate agent (after another house bid fell through at the last minute). This was a week before we were to arrive from Nashville with four kids and a truck full of our belongings. We raised/(are still raising one of) our six children here. There are sweet memories in each and every room:) Thank you Lord- this is your house - help us to use it for hospitality and comfort for those who need it as you see fit...

3) I am thankful that our son Ben has recovered from the flu (probably H1N1) and that so far Lisa and little Sophia haven't come down with it. Thank you Lord for your protection.

4) I am thankful for our DIL Jess whose birthday is this week! She is a sweet loving wife to our son and a wonderful mother to little Sam. Sam's little brother is due in November:) Jess shows love and kindness to those around her with her sweet spirit and beautiful smile. Thank you Lord, for Jess's heart for you.

5) I am thankful for the cool, refreshing weather of Autumn. For the beautiful colors and cozy feelings it gives us. Thank you Lord for giving us the beautiful colors of nature and for painting our world with your love.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday--Record Rainfall for Any September Day--Our Daughter's College Parking Lot Flooded- Madison,WI

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Photos by Jeff Peterson and George Allen

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Peggy over at The Simple Woman's Daybook is the gracious host here.

For Today... September 21, 2009

Outside my window... Another beautiful day! We got a much needed rain last night.

I am thinking... all the cleaning and laundry that needs done.

I am thankful for...all of our blessings- we have so many. Our family, home, church, and this great country we live in- even with all that's going on- it's the best on earth!:) Also for our DIL Lisa's new job at their church that gives her more time at home with Sophia, and that she loves the job- thank you Lord!

From the kitchen... need to clip coupons, plan menus and grocery shop. (I didn't change that sentence from last week:) Looking forward to making applesauce, pies, etc. from the apples on our tree.

I am wearing... Hey! It's 2:30 so I'm dressed:) Green capris and green shirt.

I am hoping... for good weather, so that we can paint our deck railings.

I am hearing... Amanda playing the guitar.

I am praying... for our son Ben who has the flu (H1N1? probably). Also that our DIL Lisa and 6 mo granddaughter Sophia don't get it - or if they do that it is mild for them. That Lisa can get rest and keep her strength with all these responsibilities.

Around the house... getting my fall decorations ready-- I am slowly admitting that it is fall- hate to leave summer behind- it was too short.

One of my favorite things...looking through old photographs - oh the memories and good times:)

A few plans for the rest of the week...going to a new women's Bible study at church- Then more or less the usual chores, cooking, maybe some baking at home.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...*

Reactions by Tim, Brooke and Pastor Joe when an ice cream truck went down the street playing it's joyful music during their wedding! Tim did a little fake slow run like he was going to chase it.:) It was a great, fun moment enjoyed by all...
Photo by Patricia E.

Have a great week!:)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Through the Eyes Of A Child

My Sister's Children at her Wedding:)

And with their cousin,Tim.
Photography by Brooke C. and Christy C-C.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Peggy over at The Simple Woman's Daybook is the gracious host here.

For Today... September 8, 2009

Outside my window.. .Another beautiful day! And the rest of the week's forecast looks great with rain toward the weekend-- but we really need it. The front yards on our street are looking really dry- a little brown.

I am thinking... about the wonderful time that we had in Illinois over the weekend at my sister's wedding. It was so great being with family. It was great seeing my brothers and sisters-in-law. Also, Tim, Jonathan and Amanda were in the wedding. Amanda was the maid of honor, Tim and Jonathan played the guitars and provided the music. It was awesome! And then the reception was a hoot- lots of fun! And a special treat for me- I got to spend alot of time catching up with my dear friend Karen from high school. It was great:)

I am thankful wonderful family and the closeness that we share. Just warms my heart to think of them.

From the kitchen... need to clip coupons, plan menus and grocery shop. I also hope to do some baking this week.

I am wearing... Yep, my pj's:)

I am hoping... to make another trip down to Illinois for another visit with my mom and family there. I need more time with them before winter sets in.

I am hearing... the garbage truck going down the street, -- and other morning traffic as everyone heads back to school and work.

I am praying... for blessings on my sister, Missy and her new husband, Jeff. They are blending a family and that takes special grace and understanding. Also, today would have been Mom and Dad's 60th wedding anniversary. I know that Mom is missing Dad today, and I pray that the Lord wraps his arms around her and gives her comfort.

Around the house... oh- too much to mention- I have my lists:)

One of my favorite things...seeing the Goldenrod growing along the roads and highways in September. On our trip, we also saw what looked like sunflowers along the interstate. So pretty.

A few plans for the rest of the week...not too much going on this week. It will be nice to get some projects done around the house.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...*

I love this picture of Missy and Jeff and their sweet moms.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Do You Remember Your First Day of School?

For some of us, it's been longer ago than for others:) No matter how old we are, I think this is one of those experiences of which we have burned in our memory.

Was it some scared feeling you had as your parents left you with all of those strange children and hopefully a very nice teacher?

Did you spill your lunch or fall down at recess or rip your new dress? Maybe you spilled your new Crayola's?

I remembered getting to ride the school bus for the first time. I could go to school with my brother! Mr. Ragan was our bus driver.

This is a familiar type of photo in my mom's albums --a total of seven children that eventually got on that school bus and headed off to a new world outside our loving home.
This is my first day of school. That is my older brother (by two years), Loyd, at my side to protect me. Notice the position of his right hand as he signals our dog Belle not to come any closer to the bus.

I remember that dress...and I remember that Dad usually took off work on those first mornings of school. And he would be the one to take the old Brownie camera out to the end of the driveway to snap a picture.

Anybody remember these cameras?

I'm sure that he enjoyed being there with Mom, seeing their children going off to school for the first time. But more that that, I'm sure that he had also taken off work for the beginning of squirrel hunting season. They just went together. But I will save stories of my Dad's love of hunting of game, and fishing for another day.

On my first day of school.... I remember my first glimpse of inside the school. After entering the front doors, as I climbed the first couple of stairs, I became eye-level with the glaze of the clean, newly waxed wood floors of the common wide area from which the three classrooms were attached.

The bus driver's wife, Gladys, was that hard-working, and very nice, school janitor who made the place shine. She moved briskly around the building doing her work, but she was never too busy to flash a smile, or stop and talk to a child. When I think about those days, I can still see her smiling face and here the, "Oh really?!!" and then the following conversation - when I told her about my new baby brother, Wayne, who had been born the day before. This was in January of that same school year. I had been given permission to leave the classroom to get a drink, and Gladys was cleaning the fountains. Her genuine interest and excitement at a first grader's news has stayed with me all these years.

There were the two water fountains on the right- a tall one -and a short one for we munchkins. On the left, along the railing to the stairs, was a row of hooks for the 1st and 2nd graders' coats.
The three classrooms each housed two grades. The school district didn't have K-5 until my 5th brother, John, was old enough. So we started right into first grade.

Those stairs led to down to the lunchroom. Wonderful smells from that place would reach our noses as we lined up for lunch. Two excellent cooks, Mrs. Baylis and Mrs. Brockhouse truly spoiled us with their home-style culinary talents! All six grades would file in and stand around the walls. Then, either our principal (who was also the 5th and 6th grade teacher), or a student would pray for our meal. If Mr. McAllister knew it was your birthday, you were asked if you would like to say the prayer. My, how times have changed!

My teacher's name was Mrs. Cooper. She was the wife of the my Grandma and Grandpa's mailman. I always treasured that other "connection" that I had with her. She taught us all of the subjects along with the adventures of Dick, Jane, Sally and Spot in our readers.

In 1994, our little town celebrated it's sesquicentennial in the town park. That afternoon a crowd started gathering under one of the trees. As I got closer to see what the excitement was about, guess who was sitting there being greeted by her former students-- yes, there was the lady, in her late 80's that everyone wanted to see--Mrs. Cooper. She was a superstar:)

When people now ask Loyd what it was like growing up near our small town, he says he tells them that it was like living in a "Norman Rockwell painting" -- and I agree. Of course, we were seeing life through the eyes of children...happy, loved children. It was a wonderful life...:)

What are your first day of school memories? I hope they are fond ones:)