Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted jump in to Blogland to say "hi" and wish all my wonderful bloggy friends all the best of the season and a blessed Christmas.

Sorry that I have been absent from blogging for a while. A combination of busy-ness and some crazy pain going on in my right forearm has kept me away from the computer. Also, my computer stopped- hopefully it can be cleaned up and rise again- has factored in also. But mostly, I really miss you all. I've tried to stop in and say hi when I could on your blogs.

I am looking forward to Monday and Tuesday,when all of our kids and their families will be here to celebrate Christmas! We are so blessed to be able to be together again this year!

Tonight and tomorrow are feeling a bit weird with our two kids that are home out with friends and hubby volunteering to work extra hours this weekend to help out his company. So tonight I am watching Christmas movies and baking cookies. And tomorrow while hubby is working, I'll put together a ham Christmas dinner for when he gets home to enjoy it with Jonathan, Amanda and Nathan (Kristen was able to get away to be with her family in Ohio this year. So things are changed up a little this year, but still good. :)

I wish for you a wonderful and blessed time with your families as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. What LOVE!

I hope to back and blogging regularly in the new year!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-- It's a Bump!

I'm so happy to share the wonderful news that I'm gonna be a Grammy again!! Tim and Brooke are having a little one in May!
Here is the happy mama-to-be.:)

Photo by Brooke C.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-- Look Who's 3! And Look Who's Walking!!

Sam in his birthday hat made by his mommy.

And Eli started walking alone last weekend!

All photos by Jess C.

Join Wordless Wednesday with our host Tanya here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Peggy over at The Simple Woman's Daybook is the gracious host here.  Join in any day of the week.

For Today...October 11, 2010

Outside my window...Yes! I'm back for a Daybook!   The sun is shining and the leaves are turning brilliant colors all around ours and the neighbors' yards.    Temps will be in the high 70's ( my favorite temps!:) today.  In Wisconsin we are savoring this gorgeous weather-- we know it is a gift...we know what comes later. :)

I am thinking... of  how I would have loved to have been in a small town in Indiana this weekend where my mom met great- grandchildren for the first time.  My sister and her hubby took mom to my brother Steve and SIL dear Opal's home for a visit. Mom would see their grandchildren.  I think three whom she hadn't met before.   And I heard that our brother Loyd flew up from Atlanta for a surprise visit with them also--so fun!  I just want to hug them all.:)

I am thankful for... sweet blogging friends who stick by even when I haven't posted in a month.  What a wonderful connection we have- and opportunity to meet  sweet kindred spirits online.  Love you all!

From the kitchen...I have been on a new journey in my kitchen since mid July.   With much help and wise counsel from our dear DIL Brooke, I have started eating a gluten free diet.  I am not allergic to wheat, but some research has shown that gluten feeds inflammation in the body and I am hoping for improved health benefits.  It has been remarkably easy and I am enjoying this new way of eating. 
I am capris and red top.  I had started to put my summer things away, but pulled them out for these last few days.:)

I am make another trip to Illinois to visit Mom and family there before the snow flies- waaayyy before the snow flies.:)

I am hearing... well I'm not hearing it any more, but the strangest thing---this morning at about 2:20 a.m. our neighbor started playing loud music from their opened garage.    Loud base, very loud--so strange.  This had never happened before and not sure what they were thinking.  We kept thinking they would turn it off, but about 3:00, we finally called and asked if a  police officer could check it out.  It stopped then.   We don't know this neighbor very well- just a strange thing to do in the middle of the night.

I am the leaves coming tumbling out of the trees to the ground, I am remembering as teens in our church youth group, we would rake people's yards to earn money for our activities in the fall.  We had lots of fun, and blisters ( if we forgot to bring gloves:).  There was the jumping    into the piles and re-raking them- and then the burning of the leaves- our small town allowed that.  

I am praying...a friend's FIL who received a liver transplant on  Thursday.   Also for the families of three college students who were killed when their car was hit by a drunk driver on the interstate near here.  Such a tragedy.

Around the house... Hubby and I took advantage of the warm weather and washed our living room windows yesterday. We also washed and replaced storm windows and winterized them.   He pulled them all out, and I washed them.  Hubby did all the heavy lifting.:)
I am also try to keep some of my flowers alive over the winter in a corner of the kitchen. They are already looking at me in fear...we'll see how this goes.;)

On my mind...I haven't been blogging much over the summer, but need to get back with it.  I really enjoy it, but computer problems along with downloading problems with the camera have made it difficult.  Hopefully, all those will be solved soon.:)  It doesn't seem like I've done that much to report, but will fill you in the next few posts.

One of my favorite things... hot oatmeal in the morning...makes me feel toasty warm.

A few plans for the rest of the get done whatever outside work we need to do while "the gettin' is good" as my dad always said.:) -- while this weather holds out.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
One of our 35th Anniversary pics taken by our DIL Brooke.

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, September 10, 2010

9/11/01- We'll Never Forget

In honor of those who lost their lives. In honor of the families and friends who lost loved ones.

God Bless America

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- The Cousins Havin' A Ball

I have to bend the rules of being wordless today-( I'm never really very good at being quiet anyway:).
These pictures were taken by our DIL's Lisa and Jess of the three cousins ( our grands!:) last month when Daniel, Jess and the boys went to Pittsburgh and spent a week with Ben, Lisa and Sophia.

Some of these pics can't go without a caption from Grammy:)

Three cutie pies- all looking the same direction.

I understand that Sophie kept trying to get the ball to stay under her chin...

...Still trying...

Okay--almost got it...

TA-DA!  Love her smiling eyes here:)

It looks like Sam is...

growing a little weary of picture-taking time...

...but is being so patient to continue:)
Love Eli's smile here.

I love this whole next series of pics of Sophie and Eli-- I wonder what she is saying?:)

It's so nice for the cousins to spend time together and I know they had a wonderful time!

I hope you are getting some this wonderful cooler (and lower humidity!:) weather where you are.
Amanda and I are in the middle of some housekeeping projects before she starts classes next week, so I'm not sure when I will be posting again. But I hope to come visit.
Happy Summer!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lots to Share / Technical Difficulties

I was away for a few days and promised pictures.  The trouble is I've had a combination of our internet slowing to a c- r -a -w -l, difficulty downloading photos, and now the camera is misplaced.  Triple wammy!:)

So please be patient and I promise to get it worked out soon.

I hope you all are able to keep from melting in these hot, hot temps!  Looking forward to Sunday up here, when they say things will cool off a bit.  Hope you get some relief, too!:)

Here is a hint of things to come:

Photos of hubby and I, taken by our sweet DIL, Brooke for our 35th anniversary- that was fun.:)   (Brooke and Tim also have since moved to Grand Rapids to work in ministry there.  Are sure missing them.

Sharing with you pics and a story about my new bird feeder/ hanging flower station.  Also pics of our newly painted deck railing. Yay!:)

Then, pictures of our trip to Door County for a long weekend of time spent with Daniel, Jess, little Sam and Eli, and Nathan and Kristen!  Amanda and I had such a wonderful time there at Jess' family's lake home.

Even typing this is proving to have it's problems.   So as soon and my computer savvy hubby or one of our sons has the time to take a look at my computer (and we find the camera;), I'll be back to tell you all about our summer happenings here in Wisconsin!

Stay cool!:)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's Up?

I really haven't been in blogland much lately...

First there was the end of June when my hubby and I celebrated our 35th anniversary painting this...

The railings on our deck were in desperate need of paint.  This pic was taken over a year ago and they looked much worse than this.   
We decided that we wanted to tackle this job while the weather was not too hot- in the 70's- and the humidity was low those days that he had taken off work.   Have you ever done something kinda crazy like that on your anniversary?:)   What I love about that is after 35 years, we feel that comfortable with each other and know how each other thinks that we could have fun painting together and reminiscing on a very special day.

We just have the stair railings left- so far high humidity and rain have kept us from finishing that up.
More photos to come!

 Guess what?  We still haven't gone out to eat for our anniversary yet.  Now that hubby is back to work, he is being offered overtime, so we'll wait for a better time.

Then on Saturday we got an impromptu visit  from my sister Missy and her littlest one, Shiloh! (Missy's Isaac and Hannah were on vacation with their dad.)  They drove up from Illinois on Saturday and were here for the 4th.  Tim and Brooke were also here along with Jonathan ( who is living at home this summer- and we are loving that!:)  and Amanda.  We grilled hamburgers, turkey burgers brats and hotdogs and had a great time together!:)
This is not a current pic, but I'm having some trouble downloading pics right now.

On Tuesday, Missy, Shiloh and I drove over to Milwaukee to visit Daniel, Jess, Sam and Eli.
Jess' 15 year old sister, Rachel was spending some time with them, so we got to visit with her too! This was Missy's first time meeting little Eli.   ( Again, downloading problems- so no photos)   We ate dinner with them and enjoyed how Sam and Shiloh became best friends, laughing and playing  together from the minute we walked in!:)   And Eli was his sweet smiling self:)  He leaned over to Grammy at dinner, pulling on my sleeve and melting my heart with his wanting to snuggle...sigh...

Missy and Shiloh left for home on Wednesday evening.  So glad they were able to come and spend that time with us!

Look what arrived at my door the next day!
Only, it didn't arrive looking like this--it is in a rather small box- which makes me think that there's MORE than just "SOME assembly required"!:)

So with the newly painted deck railings, newly planted flower pots and  my new bird feeder/flower station to put together and fill- I am looking forward to seeing the results and sharing them with you soon!

Meanwhile, I am having fun imagining what fun Daniel and Jess and the boys

are having on their vacation to Ben and Lisa's in Pittsburgh and seeing this precious girl who is apparently RUNNING now!   Go Sophie!

And then---Nathan and Kristen, who are on vacation at Kristen's family's home in Ohio, are going on over to Pittsburgh and join the fun for a few days!  I am so excited that they could all coordinate their vacation times for a visit to Ben and Lisa's!   What a blessing to know that not only do our sons like spending time together, but our wonderful DILs truly feel like sisters, too, and love to be together!
I know that if Tim and Brooke weren't in the middle of packing for their move to Grand Rapids next week, they would probably be in Pittsburgh this week, too!:)

So that's what I been up to lately--and I look forward to stopping by for a visit and catching up with what you've been up to!

Photos also by Brooke C, Lisa C, Missy K., &

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Celebrating America!

You've heard it said all your life.   "As American as....

the flag...


and apple pie."

Celebrating our country and it's traditions, in gratitude for all those who have come before, and are today protecting our liberty.   God bless America!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Peggy over at The Simple Woman's Daybook is the gracious host here. Join in any day of the week,--link up beginning on Tuesday each week.

For Today...June 30, 2010

Outside my window...We are having AMAZING weather this week! Today is sunny with a high temp of 76 degrees, tomorrow-sunny and 80. The humidity is low... just wonderful!:)

I am thinking...and praying for our little granddaughter Sophie who is recovering from a virus that sent her to the hospital Sunday night after a fever induced seizure. Sophie is feeling much better as of yesterday- just hoping her mommy and daddy will be catching up on their rest, too. If you have an extra minute, would you please remember them in prayer? Thanks so much!

I am thankful wonderful husband. We are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary today! We are so blessed with our marriage and a wonderful family. Thank you Lord!

From the kitchen... I am not worrying about dinner tonight;)--- I'm thinking Red Lobster...:)

I am wearing...yup, still in my jammies.

I am hoping...this stretch of beautiful weather repeats itself all summer!

I am hearing...Street construction vehicles working on our side street- Yesterday our water was turned off all day. We had water in many containers sitting on the counter- today many are still there...but so thankful for water coming out of the faucets now!:)

I am remembering... the last 35 years and how far we have come and the seasons of our lives we have gone through over the years. I have enjoyed each one so far...and am loving this new grandparent thing we have going on!

I am praying... for Sophie, her mommy and daddy, and my mom's continued healing from her surgery

Around the house... I'll be painting the deck railings today- hopefully recruiting some help from hubby and the kids... but hubby has his own list of outdoor jobs. We are working around the house today and then going out for dinner tonight. Last evening I potted flowers that Amanda and I scoped out on Monday after my haircut (I've had a fun week so far!:) -- The flowers were at close-out prices, but still very healthy- I have several flats to plant for pots on the deck (after it's paint job, won't it be "purty"? :)-- and some around front of the house and front entrance.

On my mind...I'm looking forward to hubby being off the rest of the week and the beautiful weather, too!

One of my favorite things... Scallops, grilled salmon, cheese bread...can you tell where I want to go to dinner tonight?:)  Haven't been there in a long time...

A few plans for the rest of the week...I'm looking forward to hubby being off the rest of the week and the beautiful weather, too! We don't have "big plans", just slow and steady getting some things around the house done.  And then I think Tim and Brooke are coming over on the 4th. 

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...*

My finch feeder was destroyed by our rascal squirrels last fall.  I found this for about double the price of one finch feeder.  So I am ordering this for our deck.   It has a solar powered lamp, multiple bird feeders, and hanging flower baskets.   I love birds and flowers, so what a great combination!:)
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Peggy over at The Simple Woman's Daybook is the gracious host here.  Join in any day of the week,--link up beginning on Tuesday each week.

For Today...June 22, 2010

Outside my window...Enjoying the sunshine today after being in the basement most of the evening last night with tornado warnings.  Some areas west and north had damage.
Right now it's 85 and breezey.

I am thinking...and praying for those people who I saw on tv who had damage to their homes and vehicles last night. 

I am thankful for...for our severe weather warning systems and the great meteorologists on our local tv channels who give us warning and news as these storms come through--saving many lives.

From the kitchen... Baking off a package of chicken thighs- may debone and make casserole or just serve with mashed potatoes and garden salad...hmmm...what to do...:)

I am striped shirt, blue capris.

I am hoping...Daniel and Jess didn't have any damage as the storms moved on to Milwaukee last night.

I am hearing...Street construction vehicles working on our side street - the reverse "beep, beep, beeps"...  Our little grandson, Sam, loves trucks and cars-- he would have loved seeing the crane moving big round concrete forms being put underground.

I am remembering...what a great day we had on Sunday when five of our six kids and families were able to come to celebrate Father's Day with their Dad.  (Missed Ben, Lisa and Sophie-sending love to them:)   The carving knife was passed down to the youngest son, Jonathan, as he learned from the master ( his dad) how to carve the delicious rotisserie chickens we had.     All of our sons have been taught some carving skills by their dad. 

I am praying... that the rain and storms that in the forecast for late tonight and tomorrow will be mild.

Around the house... still trying to find time (with no rain every other day) to paint the deck railings.

On my mind...this verse that a friend posted on Facebook over the weekend--"Let Him have all your worries and cares, for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you."
I Peter 5:7 

One of my favorite things... blackberry cobbler...I'm just sayin'...:)

A few plans for the rest of the week...working on some projects around the house.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...*

This is a Father's Day video that one of our local churches posted.  It is a spoof of the
Swagger Wagon youtube commercials for Toyota minivans.  I thought they did a great job!:)

(If you can't see the whole width of the video, go here to see it:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-- I'm Speechless:)

Sophie arriving home and her daddy seeing her walk across the floor for the first time.
(also Grammy's first time seeing her walk on video:)

Join Tanya over at The Miller Racing Family for Wordless Wednesday.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Peggy over at The Simple Woman's Daybook is the gracious host here. Join in any day of the week,--link up beginning on Tuesday each week.

For Today...June 14, 2010

Outside my window...It's cloudy and rainy today. Those are same first five words from last week's weather...:) No storms though, just summer showers. =)

I am much we enjoyed Selina's (Amanda's friend:) Senior flute recital last Wednesday night! Selina is amazingly talented and makes every song look so easy to play-- and they were not!! She is a beautiful young lady--inside and out. Her brother played a wonderful duet with her also. One talented family!
Amanda and Evan joined her on stage for a few songs from Archie- their band. I hope no one got hit in the eye with flying buttons- from we parents and their siblings "bustin' some buttons" as they sang and played several songs they had written as well as some great "covers". :) It was their first time in front of a large audience -from 50-70 people--and they were fantastic. (in this mother's humble opinion;)
Also Jonathan came home from Milwaukee for the concert and work related things- and Tim and Brooke came-- and then we had pizza and frozen yogurt back at home afterward.

I am thankful for...summertime! I have always loved the summer -- when school is out and schedules change- the warm weather, flowers and the green grass, vacations. Just love it!:)

From the kitchen... lasagna- if there is still some mozzarella cheese left:) and a green salad.

I am shirt, blue capris.

I am hoping...make some headway on our bedroom organization and some redoing. Got some changes in mind:)

I am hearing... rain on the streets as cars go by, birds chirping ( love it:), a song on youtube that I am playing as I write this.

I am remembering...when we were growing up, how fun it was for our family to go to our aunt and uncle's house to spend the night! That was a big outing for us! And fun with the cousins! Good times!:)

I am praying... for all the gulf coast people and businesses who are affected by the oil leak and that an answer to how to stop it and then clean up comes quickly.
And continuing to pray for my mom's healing from her surgery.

Around the house... Hubby was able to pick up several office chairs ( replacing some old ones here) at a silent auction where he works. The bids started at $1 and each went for under $5- they are like new- they had ALOT to sell after combining some office spaces. We also replaced our tv in the bedroom for $13.50 from the auction! I know! It's a twin to the one we had, but bigger, so we knew what we were getting. It doesn't have all the fancy new pixel this and HD that, but it works great!

On my good God is...and how I need those new mercies every morning.

One of my favorite things... vintage tablecloths. I have seen a few on several blogs lately and they remind me of some that we grew up with on our table. Does that make me vintage too? I guess so...:)

A few plans for the rest of the week...getting ready for Father's Day.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...*

Amanda, Selina, Evan
after Selina's Senior Recital

photo by Brooke C.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Peggy over at The Simple Woman's Daybook is the gracious host here. Join in any day of the week,--link up beginning on Tuesday each week.

For Today...June 8, 2010

Outside my window...It's cloudy and rainy today. We've had some beautiful mild weather lately, with a little rain here and there. Makes things grow!:) -especially the grass...keeps hubby busy mowing.

I am we will enjoy Amanda's friend, Selina's senior flute recital on Wednesday evening. Selina is an amazingly talented flutist ( one of the top in our state!:)- who also blesses her church with her talent on the worship team. She, Amanda and another friend Evan, have formed a band (called Archie) and they will also be performing with Selina at her recital.
Selina is attending college on a full scholarship starting in the fall, and majoring in music therapy. Congratulations Selina!!:)

I am thankful for...that my mom is home from the hospital, recovering nicely from her surgery. And that my brother, Loyd, is able to stay with her. What a blessing!

From the kitchen... For dinner, bar-b-qued chicken leg quarters, mashed potatoes, green beans.

I am wearing...still in my jammies:)

I am get the fridge cleaned out today- why to I hate that job? But I love the clean, sparkling fridge when it done!!

I am hearing... water splashing on the streets as cars go by-- the birds are quiet this morning- busy trying to stay dry I guess... I can hear Amanda moving around in the kitchen- is that coffee I smell?...mmmm...

I am remembering...our kids' graduations and parties, and how blessed we are as their parents.

I am praying... for my mom's continued good healing from surgery and that she will be able to get out and enjoy her garden this summer.

Around the house... Selina is spending nights with us for the next two or so weeks. Her grandparents just arrived from England for her graduation- ( her mom and dad's love story is a good one!--they met in California- she from England, he from America- fell in love and got married--and eventually were called to Wisconsin to the ministry- an inspiring testimony of faith!) Anyway, Selina gave her bedroom to her grandparents for their stay. She hasn't seen them in five years. We are happy to have her stay with us each night. Amanda has done the same thing and stayed overnight at Selina's, when she gave her room over for family guests here.:) Aren't special girlfriends great:!:)

On my mind...that I am glad we are done with high school graduations in our immediate family. We have had six and they were very fun, but I won't miss the stress of planning, shopping and set up of the parties. The first one ( in 1994:) was right after the graduation ceremony. The food was served inside with seating outside at night--and it got really chilly. The other five were held the day after graduation on Saturdays. We rented a tent for seating, and served food from our screened tent. It was nice having a large family who all worked together for setup, tear down and clean up:) Lots of work, but wonderful memories!:)

One of my favorite things... fried chicken...yeah, I know- not healthy- and we hardly ever indulge, but KFC is right up there with my mom's fried chicken recipe as my favorite.

A few plans for the rest of the week... going through clothes and giving ones away those that I don't wear.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...*

The festive tent we have rented for graduations- and how convenient that those are the school colors!:)

If you have a graduate in your family, this year- Congratulations and enjoy this time together!:)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday With Friends- Linking Up

I am linking up with Jennifer over at Trading Ashes For Beauty where she is hosting the very first Friday with Friends. With the school year coming to an end, today's theme is School Days and Teachers. I linked up a post I wrote last September.

Hop on over and say "hi" to Jennifer and check out her sweet blog!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!:)

Linda C

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memories of Memorial Day, Flowers and Tin Cans

When I was growing up my dad's parents always lived near us. Grandma and Grandpa were a constant in our lives. On holidays, we were usually either at their house or they were at ours. I took it for granted back then, but as the years passed and I got older, ( I think in my college years) I came to realize what treasures they were in my life and tried to remember stories as they told them and the people from the past that were named. As a child I think it's hard to imagine your grandparents as younger than they are- that they had lives before you were born.

As the end of May approaches each year, my mind goes back to the times that I would interrupt my play when I was staying at their house and help Grandma gather flowers from her yard on the farm to take to the graves of family on what was then called Decoration Day. The name was changed by Congress in 1967 to Memorial Day.

The day was set aside to honor our fallen veterans, but it was also a time to "decorate" the graves of loved ones and remember them. It was my introduction to many of my ancestors-- Brothers, aunts, uncles, sisters, parents and cousins of my dad and grandparents.

Grandma and I would walk around then yard with a galvanized bucket of water, and as we cut flowers for the bouquets, Grandma would place the stems down into the water.

I remember gathering Zinnias...


and Irises.

We would then gather all of the tin cans that she had been saving and place them on the picnic table under a tree and make our bouquets. Grandma would then place them in a box so they wouldn't tip over in the trunk.

Grandpa drove us to the cemetery and there we would walk to the area where most of their families were buried. I would read on the tombstones the names that matched my last name and some that didn't. Grandma's name had been Reed, so we looked for those name, too. Grandma and Grandpa would tell me who they were. We would set the tin cans down and make sure they were level so as not to tip over.

Over across a fence you could see where the groundskeeper threw away dead flowers and containers. I knew that Grandma's bouquets would end up there in a week or so. But for now they were pretty and bright and "decorated" the graves.

We had come and remembered these ones who had gone on before us. Since I hadn't known these relatives, it was not sad for me. But I remember my Grandma tearing up sometimes as she pointed out a grave of someone close to her. And Grandpa walked around and groomed some of the family graves by pulling some weeds around the stones.

What memories do you have of Memorial Day or doing things with your Grandparents? I'd love to hear them.:)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Peggy over at The Simple Woman's Daybook is the gracious host here. Join in any day of the week,--link up beginning on Tuesday each week.

For Today...May 25, 2010

Outside my window...The sun is shining now after thunder and rain earlier this morning. Several loud sounds of rolling thunder woke me this morning. We have had unseasonably hot weather for Wisconsin since Sunday- in the 90's. But the temps are forecast to go down a little each day this week - then a beautiful weekend in the 70's to come-- that's more like it!

I am thinking...of my mom who had surgery yesterday evening (because she told her doctor that she didn't want to wait until today!- Way to go Mom!:) . She has been in the hospital since Friday night-- going in with abdominal pain and nausea. Tests revealed on Monday that part of her small intestine had prolapsed through a hernia- and that is what the surgery fixed. She will be in ICU for the next two days for close observation because of her age-- she is 82- and going strong. But this will be a long summer of recuperating for her.

I am thankful for...for the beautiful flowers blooming all around.

From the kitchen... I am trying to use up food in the fridge freezer that have been there for a while-- that bag of shrimp sounds interesting- maybe with some stir-fry.

I am wearing...tan capris and red top.

I am get still to get started soon on painting the railings on the deck. Last week the rain threw off those plans- but this week the temps are so hot- so we will see. I hate sweating!:)

I am hearing... the red-winged black bird that lives around here. He has more of a shrill whistle than a chirp-- and he bullies the other birds away from the feeder--needs to learn better sharing skills!

I am remembering...the great feeling you get as a kid on the last day of school-- schools are starting to get out for the summer- although our district goes two more weeks after this. Amanda and Jonathan are done with their classes at college for this year. So, to me it feels like school is out:)

I am praying...of course for my mom- for her quick recovery from surgery and that the pain level of her recovering would be low.

Around the house... Cleaning out some drawers and cabinets in the kitchen today.

On my God is working in the lives of Tim and Brooke and how He is going ahead of them in their preparations to move to Grand Rapids, MI in August. They have been called to help minister in the same community that Brooke lived and ministered in when they met. We will sure miss them here, but when your children are in the hands and will of God and answer "send me" to where he is calling them to go--the only thing to do is stand behind them and say amen. Sure, tears are allowed, always...and smiles...only 6 hours away, right?:)

I don't think I have mentioned that our nephew, Dr. Karl H., just graduated from medical school in Indianapolis two weeks ago! That is a huge accomplishment! He and his new bride, Emily,
are moving to Grand Rapids, MI for his residency at a hospital there. We attended their wedding last January. So nice to know that Tim will have relatives nearby there in Grand Rapids. And congrats to Karl's sweet mom, Leigh (Lon's sister:)- she is such a great momto her boys!

One of my favorite things... sweet iced tea with lemon :)

A few plans for the rest of the week...regular household stuff- buying graduation cards and putting some in the mail to college grads.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...*

Little Eli is growing and developing so fast. Here, it looks like he is taking his own picture and adjusting the camera!:)
Such a sweetheart!

And an all around happy little guy!:)

Photos by Jess C.