Friday, October 3, 2008

Sunday With Lisa and Family

(Miranda, Jess, Daniel, Tim, Nathan- Lon (dark hair)& Jonathan (blonde hair)

We have had so much fun recently with Sunday get-togethers! Last Sunday we were so happy to have our daughter-in-law, Lisa, here - all the way from Pittsburgh. (Sorry- Lisa was cut out of lunch photo, but here she is holding Sam!) She had come home for a friend's wedding. It is the first time we have been together since Lisa and Ben gave us the wonderful news that they are expecting a baby in March! So exciting! Ben had to remain at home for this trip and we looking forward to seeing him at Christmas! Love you Ben!!

Lisa holding Sam

Lisa and Jess's good friend, Miranda, from Madison was able to join us also. This felt like old times of when Miranda would join us for those "KFC and Collier Tea" Sunday lunches. She was one of the UW-Whitewater students whom we met when Ben and Daniel would bring friends home after church. (See my "funky chicken" blog for details:) It was so good to see her again.

Also joining us was Daniel, Jess and little Sam from Milwaukee. Grand-dad and Grammy are happy with any time we can spend with Sam. He demonstrated his new skills at walking for us and of course we were amazed! He is also talking more -"hey buddy"! He is such a happy little boy, with the greatest smiles. Honestly, we love spending time with his mom and dad too!!

Jonathan, our son,who is a student at UW-Milwaukee, was able to put studying aside for a little while and ride along with Daniel and Jess for the day. We are always happy when he can break away for a weekend visit home! It was so nice to have the family together again.

Nathan and Kristen from here in Sun Prairie arrived also. Even though we live in the same town, seems like we see too little of them. Life gets so busy. We are going to have to remedy that:) Kristen is a manager at a local retail store and is also taking some classes. Nathan is an avid biker and bikes to work year round 5-6 miles each way. He also bikes into Madison just for fun.

Tim,rode his "new" bike from Madison to Sun Prairie. This was the maiden voyage on his bike and quite an undertaking. After some initial doubts on Tim's part (a call 20 minutes into the ride) of whether he could make it, Amanda and Nathan were sent out in the van to help. But Tim persevered and made the entire trip successfully (a 45 min. ride)! As Tim appeared at our front door, I hummed the "Rocky" theme song for him as he climbed the stairs to the living room:)

For lunch I served lasagna - one with meat and the other with zuccini squash. Also, with side dishes of corn, green salad and cantaloupe. For dessert, there was peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream. And of course, iced tea and lemonade. To avoid elbows bumping, Lon had brought in an extra table. Kristen and Amanda graciously volunteered to sit at, what is commonly called the "kids' table", although, not kids at all-- they are two classy young ladies:)
Table for two...

As September was winding down, we were in awe of the beauty of this autumn day-- A great setting for making endearing memories with family and friends.


Kelli said...

What a fun get together! It's always nice to spend time with friends.

Anonymous said...

Sam is a cutie! Sounds like you had a wonderful lunch. These autumn days have been beautiful.