Thursday, November 6, 2008

Weekend Trip To Illinois

Last Thursday, Amanda and I traveled down to central Illinois to visit family for a long weekend. It was beautiful weather from Thursday through Monday and we had a great time.

Friday Night: Here is the motley crew getting ready to leave Grandma's house to go trick or treating in Concord (my hometown) and Arenzville. They brought home lots of candy- and (small towns still rule) even individually wrapped homemade Rice Krispie Bars! What? No popcorn balls?:)

Missy (my sister and mom to the 3 little ones), Shiloh (precious little flower), Isaac (a cool ninja), Amanda (an "apeeling" banana), and Hannah (a lovely, good witch of the Mid-West).

This little "sprout" went straight for Grandma's bedroom and found something she recognized--maybe her flower was itchy:)

Amanda loves being with her cousins and doing things with them and her fun-loving Aunt Missy. Here she is back at Grandma's, sitting on the floor and checking out the candy.

This banana suit is used year-round by Amanda and her girlfriends at home. I'm sure that I haven't heard the half of it...such an innocent face:)

Oh yessss...the even funner size candy bars.

On Saturday: We celebrated little Shiloh's 1st birthday with a wiener roast. We rarely get to an old fashioned bonfire wiener roast because we live in a city and bonfires are not allowed. So this was a treat for us "city folks". Truly, I'm a country girl at heart.
A great fire pit made by Jeff. Those logs were huge!

Here are the cousins enjoying the fire surrounded by the bales of hay for seating.

Little Miss Shiloh on the move.

Walking around the lawn.


Shiloh digging into her personal little cake.

She loved it!

Opening gifts- she loves books...

And dancing with musical dancing bear from Grandma...

Aunt Linda (also known to them as "Lala") wasn't there for Isaac's birthday in October...

Or Hannah's birthday in August... so they got a gift too--High School Musical cereal bowl and glass.

Hannah came home with us to Grandma's house where she and Amanda had a sleepover. And then went to church with us the next morning. This is Hannah wearing Hannah! Ha!

A couple of pictures of Shiloh at Grandma's house on Sunday evening.

Eating a cracker while watching herself in the mirror .

An added bonus for the trip- When we left Wisconsin on Thursday we paid $2.39 a gallon for gas. As we traveled south, we saw the price continue to go down- to $2.19 in LaSalle. The next day in Jacksonville the price dropped to $2.09.

On our way home Monday, this was the price in Lincoln where we filled up! Wonder if it will get this low in Wisconsin soon? Sure makes a trip more fun!
Look at that was such a beautiful day.

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