Monday, January 26, 2009

"Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Somethin' From the Oven...

...and Pillsbury says it best!" Remember that tv commercial jingle?

Yesterday I decided to do some baking. I pulled out my trusty homemade bread recipe, which as you can see has been around for awhile. The print is too small for you to see, but down in the corner it reads, "The Pillsbury Company 1975".

I know you will excuse the sorry condition that this old friend is in. This has been tucked away in my recipe box over all these years. The folds have been taped together where they have begun to tear. It's not been pulled out to use often enough, I'm afraid. I admire blogging friends out there who bake their own bread as the norm.

Tucked up and inside the lid of that same recipe box is a church offering envelope. On the side that faces out is where footballs were drawn by a little guy keeping himself occupied during a service many years ago. On the back side is a tuna and noodle casserole recipe--(I must have written it down for a church dinner:)
When I open that recipe box and see that little drawing, I am reminded of another season of my life.
Nathan, our first-born, was that little artist. He was 2 years old then---he will be 33 next month.
Along with his kind ways and many talents, Nathan continues to be very good at drawing. It all started with those footballs:) And he continues to make me very happy and proud to be his mom!

Remember in Luke 2, the Bible says that after her Son's birth, "Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." ? (NIV)

Isn't that what we do, ladies? I know I do - pictures and little tokens that I have tucked away bring back those sweet treasures. I am so blessed to have so many of those treasures with all of our six kids. And in this new season of my life, new treasures are added all the time with them, and now, with grandchildren:)

Okay, --back to the baking. I began gathering all the ingredients and made two batches of the bread recipe--( I'd forgotten how much fun it is to knead bread!) --
one batch for loaves of bread,

and one sweetened, for cinnamon rolls. This is one basic recipe with several variations given for different breads. There is also whole wheat, and rye bread recipes given with variations added also. So, you can see why this has remained in my recipe box for all so long:)
When Lon arrived back home last night after going in to work for a few hours, and Amanda came home from a weekend church group activity, they were greeted by the welcoming smell of warm bread and cinnamon throughout the house. Do you think the Pillsbury Company knows what it's talking about?:)

And guess what was for breakfast this morning? Well, okay, Amanda asked for a fruit smoothy --- but Lon had a cinnamon roll with his eggs :)

What are your very favorite smells that came from the kitchen during your childhood ? Mine are coffee brewing, bacon cooking, bread and cinnamon rolls baking:), and fried chicken. It's healthy if you just smell it, right?


Missy said...

That looks soooo yummy! I can smell it now just reading about it. I remember walking up the sidewalk by the house after school and smelling the wonderful smells lofting out from Mom's kitchen...homemade bread, cookies, homemade vegetable soup, etc. Thanks for the inspiration...I may make bread for my family soon. =)

Linda C said...

uuuuuh, yeah, those too! I remember that it was usually on "wash day" (with the wringer washer and the clothes line!- that lady worked:)- Mom would put on a pot of ham and beans in the morning and make bread in the afternoon. By the time we got home from school, the wonderful smells coming from that kitchen would just draw you in.

Great home cooking and clean clothes...what a mom! 81 yrs. old next month and still wants her clothes line back:)
Thanks, sis!

devita said...

Okay.. love comes from stomach. Lol. it looks fantastic!

Elena said...

Wow, your bread and cinnamon rolls look so yummy! My childhood memories are of coffee brewing, and eggs and bacon frying. My sweet mom got up every morning and cooked breakfast for her family. I have precious memories of her sitting at the table when we got up, ready to serve us. What a great example she was to me in loving and serving her family. That is so cool about your son loving art and drawing footballs so young. My little, Mary, loves music so I think her talents will be heading in that direction:) Have blessed day! Love, Elena

Anonymous said...

Your bread and cinnamon rolls look delicious! I bought some cinnamon rolls today, baked fresh daily at the new Golden Days bakery on Main Street (near Sentry).

Zaroga said...

I wonder how I missed that recipe :-)

I so loved the smell of fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits. We had that most Sundays and our birthdays.