Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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For Today... February 23, 2010

Outside my window...It's about 31 degrees and the ground is still snow covered. We haven't see any grass since December- but that's okay- snow is prettier than brown grass:) The 4-8 inches of snow predicted for Sunday into Monday went south of us and we only got a couple of inches. whew! dodged that one:) Sorry "south of us";)

I am thinking... of the fun time we had when Missy,Jeff and the kids were here two weekends ago! I had fun making Hannah's (1st grade) request for "flat eggs" (meaning NOT sunny side up, NOT scrambled in heap, but flat,cooked,broken yoke:). -- Isaac (2nd grade) told me "Aunt LaLa, I love coming to your house, it's always a party!" He is referring to our kids coming in to see them when they are here:) When Isaac was little, his young self couldn't say Linda, so it was YaYa which became LaLa and since they had more that one aunt Linda, Aunt LaLa stuck. So LaLa it is!:) And little Shiloh (age 2) is the happiest little girl around- and so petite- just a little peanut!:)

I am thankful for... all the times with family that we've had lately- the wedding in Indianapolis last month, two week later Missy and Jeff here, and then last Sunday, Daniel and Jess and the boys drove over from Milwaukee for a visit- and Tim, Brooke and Nathan were able to come over also.

From the kitchen... Funky chicken (chicken breast in cream of mushroom soup, sour cream, mushrooms, Parmesan cheese sauce, with mashed potatoes, and corn. This recipe, given to me by a teacher friend several years ago, was put together by her and her mom. She didn't have a name for it, so Ben (then in high school) called it Funky Chicken.

I am wearing...blue stretchy pants and blue sweatshirt- my comfy clothes:)

I am hoping...to get to go to Illinois to celebrate my mom's birthday this weekend!

I am hearing...birds chirping outside- love it!:)

I am remembering...memories of sledding behind our farmhouse when we were kids. There was a small creek at the bottom of the hill that we less brave ones turned to avoid. But the older kids (friends from church) made it their goal to try to get up enough speed to fly over it!- And mostly succeeded. I never did get brave enough for that...

I am praying...for a dear lady who is having surgery today.

Around the house...wiping down and disinfecting all areas- Amanda was sick Sunday and yesterday with a stomach virus. Praying that Lon and I don't catch it!

On my mind...what fun it was making cupcakes with Sam on Sunday! He was so excited to make them and then eat them! And to see Eli! He is holding his head up and looking around , smiling and I heard him laugh out loud at his mommy! What a joy for Grammy!:)

One of my favorite things... little boys in blue jeans.

A few plans for the rest of the week...regular chores around the house and hopefully packing for a weekend trip!:)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...*

Daniel , Jess and family came for a visit on Sunday afternoon:)


Carol said...

Funky Chicken sounds delicious! I love your upbeat attitude about the ground still being covered in snow!


Elena said...

Hi Linda, Your Funky Chicken sound great. I make a similar recipe and we just love it. I loved hearing the story of the sledding when you were a kid. Sounds like stuff neighborhood kids did too. Kids just don't think of the dangers, just the fun! Have a blessed weekend. Your little grandkids are just adorable! Elena

dana said...

What a great read!! It's so nice to have your family visiting....and loved the "flat eggs" request! :)

Hope you do get to make the trip to celebrate your mom's birthday this weekend!

We still have a coating of ice on trees and lines, but nothing serious (no power outages...thankfully!). We make get temps in the 40s next week! YES!

Have a great evening!! Dana

Anonymous said...

Love hearing the birds chirp too! Spring is coming! Your funky chicken sounds really good. We hit IHOP twice today for the free pancakes.

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetie! I LOVE La-La for you, the Funky Chicken story and boys in blue jeans!!

Oh and around here we call the "flat" eggs "fried" eggs.

I am so delighted that you have had such great times with family. Hope you get to go see your Mom!! I'm praying for you, La-La!! ;o)

Love you,

LDH said...

Sweet thought and precious family! I so enjoy those adorable faces on your sidebar! They warm my heart!