Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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For Today...January 11, 2011

Outside my window... it is lightly snowing and it is 25 degrees.   Just a beautiful winter day here in Wisconsin.  So sorry to hear that the South is so entrenched with snow and ice. 

I am thinking... that except for some deep freeze temps lately, this has SO FAR been  winter with very little heavy snow.   Most winters give us at least 3-4 inches of snow every few days and the shoveling is non-stop.
It seems to have hit hard in other places, and it just feels weird not to always be in the middle of the big snow storms...but I'll take it!

I am thankful for... the wonderful time we had with all of our kids and their families (grand kiddos!!) at Christmas.  It was so good to be together.   All three grand kids are up and walking/running and playing together now --so fun to watch.  Warmed this grammy's heart...

From the kitchen...Something with chicken- haven't fully decided yet.    My journey with gluten free eating has been going good, and I really don't feel deprived.    I made plans to not go strictly gluten free for the holidays ( gotta have my stuffing with the turkey- and some pie- even had a cookie or two over a few days;).
And didn't gain  any weight - yay!   In fact, have lost another pound since then!   So now I have lost 28 lbs. since July, when I started eating gf.  The weight loss an added benefit of eating more healthy.
My birthday is coming up on Thursday and I will have a gluten free cake- thank you Betty Crocker.:)  But I have been craving some Chinese food (most soy sauce contains gluten) from my favorite place and I think it is a good time to have that. What do you think?:)

I am wearing...blue jeans, black sweater and some of my very pretty nonskid socks that I received from Nathan and Kristen. :)

I am hoping...to get back into blogging more regularly.  I really miss it and staying close with my bloggy friends!

I am hearing... the tv in the kitchen that I forgot to turn off...and going- home traffic outside seems to be moving right along thanks to our hardworking street/highway crews.

I am remembering...that today is my brother Wayne's birthday and wishing him a wonderful day.

I am praying...for safety for all those in the South with the treacherous weather conditions- stay inside if you can!:)   And I saw on Facebook earlier that schools are closed in my hometown in Illinois today, too.
And of course, I'm praying for the Arizona shooting victims and their families.

Around the house... Regular cleaning and straightening, taking the tree down.  Raise your hand if yours is still up!:)

On my mind... how wonderful it is to be living in the watch care of our heavenly father.  How much He loves us and cares for every detail of our lives- I've had some answered prayers in the past week and His timing blows my mind every time.

One of my favorite things... I have been watching more and more football with my hubby this winter, and am enjoying it a lot- especially spending the time with hubby!:)  Only a few game left ( and our Packers are still in the playoffs!:)... I'm thinking there's still plenty of basketball left!;)

A few plans for the rest of the week...wanting to try some new GF recipes.

Here are some picture thoughts I am sharing with you...

What fun watching little ones open gifts.

A very musical Christmas with Sam and Sophie playing their harmonicas...

...and playing their duets on the piano.

Sophie loved her fabric dolls to dress-made by her Auntie Jess.

Eli up and walking this year enjoying the unwrapping.

A Grammy doesn't have a chance with that smile...:)
Happy New Year!

Photos by Brooke C.


Anonymous said...

i'm raising my hand: our christmas tree is still up, too. :)

LDH said...

Hi Linda!

So nice catching up with you and seeing the sweet photos of your precious family!

I tried liking football for my husband a few years ago. I really did try... I just don't have the enthusiasm he does :( I like being with him a whole lot, but it is such a stretch to like sports. Sounds like you are becoming a fan!

Elena said...

Linda, I so enjoy reading your posts. Your grandkids are so cute!! Congratulations on your weight loss! You sound like you are balancing things really well. Blessings to you today! Elena

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Congrats on your weight loss and gluten-freeness! There is a good brand of gluten-free called "Enjoy Life" that WalMart carries. They even have candy bars that are good.

And most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA!!!!!