Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday -- Harvest Time - Our Backyard Apple Tree

Link up with Heather over at Simply Heather's Blog to share you pics for Wordless Wednesday.


Ashley ~ said...

I love your apple tree*!!! How cool is that*! Love your blog too. It's so warm and welcoming. I love stopping by for a visit. Have a lovely evening. ((hugs)) _Ashley*

shabby girl said...

Beautiful! Don't you just love watching all summer; those little fruits growing day by day, knowing you will enjoy them so!!!! Do you know what kind of apples they are?

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Oh how wonderful!! An apple tree in your own backyard! Beautiful pictures!

MOMSWEB said...

WOW! I'm jealous! You should never have a need for more fiber in your diet (smile).

BECKY said...

Wow Linda, How cool to be able to walk out back and pick apples!! My kids would love that. We've been wanting to add some fruit trees but haven't done that yet! Oranges and limes would be our first choice!

Do you can all of those are bake with them?

Love n hugs,

Simply Heather said...

How exciting. Bet you're going to be a busy lady with all of those apples :)

Elena said...

Your apple tree is lovely and looks to be a very fruitful one! Mary and I love to eat apples. That crisp tart/sweet taset is so yummy! Some day we would like to have an apple tree too! Blessings to you dear friend! Elena

Sharon said...

Your apples look so yummy.
I just stopped by and I enjoyed so much reading your blog.
I put you on my list to follow, I do hope that was okay.
God bless.

Truth4thejourney said...

Hi Linda,

Your blog is beautiful and I love these pictures of your apple trees. How wonderful! Hey, could you email me at I have a blogging question to ask you.


Sonya Lee