Monday, May 17, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today...May 17, 2010

Outside my window...Beautiful sunshine this morning!! Last week was a long dreary week with clouds and/or rain each day. I have to admit, it was getting to me. To make up for it, I probably wasted some electricity just to have a few extra lights on.

I am thinking... and praying for my husband's family who are mourning his uncle Bob, who passed away last week after a fall and broken hip. He was 87 and will be missed. I am praying for his dear wife, Jean, who is also 87, and two daughters and family. Lon is driving down to Missouri today.

I am thankful for...Amanda has just completed her first year of college. I am so thankful that she is living at home these first two years of college. We still get to enjoy her activity and friends. Keeps us young:)

From the kitchen... I have been craving our grocery store's rotisserie chicken and I spied a coupon for this week! So we will have chicken and big green salad with ranch dressing for dinner. I have also been thinking about a jello poke cake. Remember those? I have made the pudding poke cake over the years, but never the strawberry jello kind with whipped cream on top. With sugar-free jello and low fat cool whip...hmmm. Sounds refreshing.:)

I am wearing...still hanging out in my jammies. :)

I am get started soon on painting the railings on the deck. That didn't get done last fall... and I hope to order a neat addition for the birds and flowers on the deck this year. Can't wait to get it and show you!:)

I am hearing...morning traffic and birds chirping.

I am remembering...the fun times we had with Uncle Bob over the years at holidays and at family events. He will be missed.

I am praying...for Jonathan as he has three finals this week as he finishes up his fourth year of college. He's on the five year plan and working hard. We are so proud of him!
And safety for Lon and other family who will be traveling for the funeral in Missouri.

Around the house...Several projects going on around the house--kitchen, home office, and living room. Some rearranging and organizing. Also, I know how the scanner operational!!--So will be starting to scan older photos in the computer! :)

On my mind...the moving that I watched last night, Facing Giants. We've had this dvd for a long time and I've never watched it. If you haven't seen this, find it and watch it. It brought me to tears several times-(ok, I'm a little hormonal, but it was very touching and inspiring:) Here is a link if you're interested.

One of my favorite things... seeing the bunnies play in our backyard--( I surrendered my vegetable garden years ago:)

A few plans for the rest of the week...enjoying having Amanda around this week- doing some things with her and working on the above mentioned projects.:)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...* I am reminded of the children's Sunday School song, "Oh be careful little eyes what you see...oh be careful little ears what you hear..." When I would hear that song, it would remind me, as a parent, that those little ones are always watching and listening --

Photo by Jess C.


Carol said...

So glad the sun is shining for you today! We've only seen the sunshine for a few moments in the last week. Can't wait to see blue skies soon!

Have a wonderful week, Linda!


Dan and Jess said...

linda, so funny that you posted a picture of sam with that song - he LOVES that song! doesn't he look so young in that picture?? ahhh, stop growing, my babies!! :) we'll be praying for lon and his trip too.

BECKY said...

Hi Lovely Linda!! Glad you're having some good weather, and I know you are so very proud of your college students!!

Love that little pic of Eli!! Too cute! Our little grandy Emily and her Mom and Dad are moving 12 hours away to Tennessee. My heart is a bit heavy since none of the girls have lived more than 30 minutes away. So glad to still have three of them here with me.

Can't wait to see what you're getting for the birds!! I need to be doing some "gettin" myself so I can have a yard full of them!!

Hope God just splashes joy all over you this week! You are a treasured you!

Elena said...

Dear Linda, I am so sorry to hear about your Uncle Bob. My sympathies are with you and your family. I love that little song, "Be Careful Little Feet". Mary has that on one of her music DVD's and she just loves it. I enjoyed reading your list and catching up on your news. Have a blessed day! Elena

Jennifer said...

Such a nice daybook entry...prayers for your husband and family with the loss of Uncle Bob. So glad you have many sweet memories:) Enjoy those sunny days this week - we have the gloomy weather here!