Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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For Today...May 25, 2010

Outside my window...The sun is shining now after thunder and rain earlier this morning. Several loud sounds of rolling thunder woke me this morning. We have had unseasonably hot weather for Wisconsin since Sunday- in the 90's. But the temps are forecast to go down a little each day this week - then a beautiful weekend in the 70's to come-- that's more like it!

I am thinking...of my mom who had surgery yesterday evening (because she told her doctor that she didn't want to wait until today!- Way to go Mom!:) . She has been in the hospital since Friday night-- going in with abdominal pain and nausea. Tests revealed on Monday that part of her small intestine had prolapsed through a hernia- and that is what the surgery fixed. She will be in ICU for the next two days for close observation because of her age-- she is 82- and going strong. But this will be a long summer of recuperating for her.

I am thankful for...for the beautiful flowers blooming all around.

From the kitchen... I am trying to use up food in the fridge freezer that have been there for a while-- that bag of shrimp sounds interesting- maybe with some stir-fry.

I am wearing...tan capris and red top.

I am hoping...to get still to get started soon on painting the railings on the deck. Last week the rain threw off those plans- but this week the temps are so hot- so we will see. I hate sweating!:)

I am hearing... the red-winged black bird that lives around here. He has more of a shrill whistle than a chirp-- and he bullies the other birds away from the feeder--needs to learn better sharing skills!

I am remembering...the great feeling you get as a kid on the last day of school-- schools are starting to get out for the summer- although our district goes two more weeks after this. Amanda and Jonathan are done with their classes at college for this year. So, to me it feels like school is out:)

I am praying...of course for my mom- for her quick recovery from surgery and that the pain level of her recovering would be low.

Around the house... Cleaning out some drawers and cabinets in the kitchen today.

On my mind...how God is working in the lives of Tim and Brooke and how He is going ahead of them in their preparations to move to Grand Rapids, MI in August. They have been called to help minister in the same community that Brooke lived and ministered in when they met. We will sure miss them here, but when your children are in the hands and will of God and answer "send me" to where he is calling them to go--the only thing to do is stand behind them and say amen. Sure, tears are allowed, always...and smiles...only 6 hours away, right?:)

I don't think I have mentioned that our nephew, Dr. Karl H., just graduated from medical school in Indianapolis two weeks ago! That is a huge accomplishment! He and his new bride, Emily,
are moving to Grand Rapids, MI for his residency at a hospital there. We attended their wedding last January. So nice to know that Tim will have relatives nearby there in Grand Rapids. And congrats to Karl's sweet mom, Leigh (Lon's sister:)- she is such a great momto her boys!

One of my favorite things... sweet iced tea with lemon :)

A few plans for the rest of the week...regular household stuff- buying graduation cards and putting some in the mail to college grads.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...*

Little Eli is growing and developing so fast. Here, it looks like he is taking his own picture and adjusting the camera!:)
Such a sweetheart!

And an all around happy little guy!:)

Photos by Jess C.


Anonymous said...

we're so blessesd to have parents who "get it" and who hold us loosely and release us into God's hands to follow His call on our life. thank you so much for that.

and, yes, tears are certainly allowed.

Elena said...

I so enjoy reading this post each week. I will be praying for your mom for a speedy recovery. We have Brewers Black birds here that are the bullies even to the gentle Mourning Doves who are almost twice as big! Your little Eli is a doll, what a sweet look out of his gentle eyes! Blessing to you dear friend. Hugs, Elena

Lisa Collier said...

oh, when you get to hold Eli, give him a big smooch from me! love you Linda.

Anonymous said...

It sure was hot, but the past few days have been beautiful! Your little Eli is simply adorable!