Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today...June 8, 2010

Outside my window...It's cloudy and rainy today. We've had some beautiful mild weather lately, with a little rain here and there. Makes things grow!:) -especially the grass...keeps hubby busy mowing.

I am thinking...how we will enjoy Amanda's friend, Selina's senior flute recital on Wednesday evening. Selina is an amazingly talented flutist ( one of the top in our state!:)- who also blesses her church with her talent on the worship team. She, Amanda and another friend Evan, have formed a band (called Archie) and they will also be performing with Selina at her recital.
Selina is attending college on a full scholarship starting in the fall, and majoring in music therapy. Congratulations Selina!!:)

I am thankful for...that my mom is home from the hospital, recovering nicely from her surgery. And that my brother, Loyd, is able to stay with her. What a blessing!

From the kitchen... For dinner, bar-b-qued chicken leg quarters, mashed potatoes, green beans.

I am wearing...still in my jammies:)

I am hoping...to get the fridge cleaned out today- why to I hate that job? But I love the clean, sparkling fridge when it done!!

I am hearing... water splashing on the streets as cars go by-- the birds are quiet this morning- busy trying to stay dry I guess... I can hear Amanda moving around in the kitchen- is that coffee I smell?...mmmm...

I am remembering...our kids' graduations and parties, and how blessed we are as their parents.

I am praying... for my mom's continued good healing from surgery and that she will be able to get out and enjoy her garden this summer.

Around the house... Selina is spending nights with us for the next two or so weeks. Her grandparents just arrived from England for her graduation- ( her mom and dad's love story is a good one!--they met in California- she from England, he from America- fell in love and got married--and eventually were called to Wisconsin to the ministry- an inspiring testimony of faith!) Anyway, Selina gave her bedroom to her grandparents for their stay. She hasn't seen them in five years. We are happy to have her stay with us each night. Amanda has done the same thing and stayed overnight at Selina's, when she gave her room over for family guests here.:) Aren't special girlfriends great:!:)

On my mind...that I am glad we are done with high school graduations in our immediate family. We have had six and they were very fun, but I won't miss the stress of planning, shopping and set up of the parties. The first one ( in 1994:) was right after the graduation ceremony. The food was served inside with seating outside at night--and it got really chilly. The other five were held the day after graduation on Saturdays. We rented a tent for seating, and served food from our screened tent. It was nice having a large family who all worked together for setup, tear down and clean up:) Lots of work, but wonderful memories!:)

One of my favorite things... fried chicken...yeah, I know- not healthy- and we hardly ever indulge, but KFC is right up there with my mom's fried chicken recipe as my favorite.

A few plans for the rest of the week... going through clothes and giving ones away those that I don't wear.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...*

The festive tent we have rented for graduations- and how convenient that those are the school colors!:)

If you have a graduate in your family, this year- Congratulations and enjoy this time together!:)


Heidi Pocketbook said...

Hi Linda!!

Your dinner plans sound delicious. It is overcast here and should be raining any minute--the corn could use a drink about now :-)

Hope your mom continues to get along ok after her surgery, and that you have a good week!!


A Gracious Home said...

I love the picture. I do have two graduates in the family. Thanks. I enjoyed your daybook. I hope you have a great week. Doylene

Elena said...

Dear Linda, I am so glad your mom is recovering well! How great for Amanda's friend to stay with you. I just love flute music and like it so well when it is played during worship. That is so wonderful that you put on a graduation party for each of your kids. My folks always did something special for us too. They were so proud and happy that we all graduated from high school and went on to college. That was one my dad's dreams for us as he was raised Amish and could only go to the 8th grade and had to quit. That was a sad day for Dad as he loved school and is so very smart. Have a blessed day dear friend. Thank you for your friendship and all your lovely comments on my blog!

LDH said...

Oh, Linda... KFC is my all time favorite! Sometimes for Mother's Day, we will get a bucket and head to the playground with my daughter and her family. It's the best!

Our youngest daughter is graduating high school on the 18th. We will have a party in early August when my NY daughter and family comes down for a visit

Enjoyed you Daybook post!

Jennifer said...

Enjoy all those celebrations...and your sleep overs:) So glad your mom is home.

Carol said...

I'm so happy to hear your Mom is doing well.
KFC is one of our favorites, my hubby would eat it every week if I'd let him! : )


Anonymous said...

Congrats on graduating six children from high school! That looks like Betty in the corner of your photo. Am I right? :)

Glad to hear your mom is doing well. Enjoy the recital tonight. Sounds like fun.

Linda C said...

Lisa- Yes- the recital was great! And yes! That is Betty in the photo talking to Daniel (little Sam was running around them at the time:)


Anonymous said...

Betty is everywhere! She's in a photo on my blog too. :)

Glad the recital went well.

dana said...

I always love reading this Simple Woman's post of yours! Wow..you've had a lot going on! I see you wrote that on June 8...our 42 anniversary! June is busy for us, too. 3 birthdays and our anniversary. Anyway, back to YOU! Glad your mom is recouping nicely..and that that your bro. can stay with her. The HS Grad Tent does look festive! We had parties for both of our kids when they graduated from HS, then from college. I loved doing that for them...but I love having and attending parties! Our girl is in nursing school now, and our boy will be finishing is MBA....both will be done in Dec. While they're 34 and 31, I told them that I was still going to plan something to mark their amazing achievements! They both liked that idea....I thing this time, however, we'll just keep the guest list to family members (maybe! )

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! dana