Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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For Today...June 30, 2010

Outside my window...We are having AMAZING weather this week! Today is sunny with a high temp of 76 degrees, tomorrow-sunny and 80. The humidity is low... just wonderful!:)

I am thinking...and praying for our little granddaughter Sophie who is recovering from a virus that sent her to the hospital Sunday night after a fever induced seizure. Sophie is feeling much better as of yesterday- just hoping her mommy and daddy will be catching up on their rest, too. If you have an extra minute, would you please remember them in prayer? Thanks so much!

I am thankful wonderful husband. We are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary today! We are so blessed with our marriage and a wonderful family. Thank you Lord!

From the kitchen... I am not worrying about dinner tonight;)--- I'm thinking Red Lobster...:)

I am wearing...yup, still in my jammies.

I am hoping...this stretch of beautiful weather repeats itself all summer!

I am hearing...Street construction vehicles working on our side street- Yesterday our water was turned off all day. We had water in many containers sitting on the counter- today many are still there...but so thankful for water coming out of the faucets now!:)

I am remembering... the last 35 years and how far we have come and the seasons of our lives we have gone through over the years. I have enjoyed each one so far...and am loving this new grandparent thing we have going on!

I am praying... for Sophie, her mommy and daddy, and my mom's continued healing from her surgery

Around the house... I'll be painting the deck railings today- hopefully recruiting some help from hubby and the kids... but hubby has his own list of outdoor jobs. We are working around the house today and then going out for dinner tonight. Last evening I potted flowers that Amanda and I scoped out on Monday after my haircut (I've had a fun week so far!:) -- The flowers were at close-out prices, but still very healthy- I have several flats to plant for pots on the deck (after it's paint job, won't it be "purty"? :)-- and some around front of the house and front entrance.

On my mind...I'm looking forward to hubby being off the rest of the week and the beautiful weather, too!

One of my favorite things... Scallops, grilled salmon, cheese bread...can you tell where I want to go to dinner tonight?:)  Haven't been there in a long time...

A few plans for the rest of the week...I'm looking forward to hubby being off the rest of the week and the beautiful weather, too! We don't have "big plans", just slow and steady getting some things around the house done.  And then I think Tim and Brooke are coming over on the 4th. 

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...*

My finch feeder was destroyed by our rascal squirrels last fall.  I found this for about double the price of one finch feeder.  So I am ordering this for our deck.   It has a solar powered lamp, multiple bird feeders, and hanging flower baskets.   I love birds and flowers, so what a great combination!:)
Happy Wednesday!


Sharon said...

Prayers for your gd and her parents.
I love the planter that you are getting.
We are just having a slow day for the 4th. The sons and families are all going to tractor pulls or car races. Hubby and I don't do the heat so good these days.

BECKY said...

Hi lovely friend! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! How it delights my soul to learn of other long lasting happy marriages! Especially when it's a friend!! I hope you two lovebirds have a wonderful week together celebrating!! {smile}

I am so sorry to hear about little Sophie. I'm praying sweetie, and just know she will be fine. May God give peace and comfort to you and her parents.

I love this bird feeder you're getting! What a wonderful place for feathered friends to visit!! Looking forward to some birdy photos from you!!

Love ya lots!
Have a great time, ok?

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your dh, Linda! Hope that you do indeed get your wish to dine at Red Lobster.

We are having lovely weather here in the corn as well--couldn't order better weather!

I am so sorry to hear about Sophie--my oldest had one of those fever-induced seizures once and it was so scary! I hope and pray that she and her parents will rest well.

Jennifer said...

HAPPIEST ANNIVERSARY wishes - congratulations to you and your Hubbie! Hope you enjoy all your days off for the rest of the week...along with this amazing weather! We are enjoying it as well!!

Will certainly say a prayer for Miss nephew had those fever induced scary. Praying that God will give her momma and daddy peace to sleep while trusting Him.

Have a wonderful week, friend.

Elena said...

Congratulations on your 35th Wedding Anniversary! That is so awesome! I have been praying for little Sophie. I read your DIL's post about it on her blog and I just cried. I cried again when I told Rich about it. My husband had a couple of those when he was small like Sophia. His mother thought the same thing, that he was dying. I know that must be the worste thing to have to experience and I just thanked the Lord that Mary did not have that as I know I would of been so terrified. I am so glad that Sophie is doing better and I prayed for your sweet DIL and son too. Blessings to you today! Elena