Friday, April 3, 2009

Show and Tell Friday- Treasure from Grandma

Show and Tell Kelli @ There's No Place Like Home is hosting Show and Tell Friday. Don't miss seeing Kelli's special childhood jewelry and all of the other treasures of those participating this week!

In our curio cabinet among all the other pretty trinkets and glassware sits a little ceramic bird. It doesn't have any monetary value, yet it is priceless to me. This small bird and a jewelry box are treasures from my grandma- my mother's mom after she passed away in 1983.

Grandma was a quiet woman who stood about 4'10". As children, we were thrilled to see how we grew and were soon taller than Grandma. We were actually taller that an adult at a fairly young age. We thought that was cool! She would just smile with us.

I remember fun times playing with cousins after a wonderful meal on Sunday afternoons at her house --or my Aunt Mary's house where she lived before she bought a small home of her own.
...Being chased by bumblebees during a game of hide-and-seek --and the time a cousin was "clothes-lined" (running into a too low clothesline about neck height) - he was fine:)

My grandfather died when I was about 3 years old. So she was a widow for many years of her life.
Grandma came and stayed at our house several times, when my mom was in the hospital, following the birth of a sibling. I remember her as being very kind and gentle.

I don't feel like I really knew Grandma very well, because she was so quiet. But I am thankful for her loving ways and gentle spirit that my mom learned from her, and modeled for our family as we were growing up. I am also thankful for the Christian heritage that she raised her children with. They were a Christian family and those values have reached into new generations to enrich our lives.
Her name was Daisy Dee. My Mom passed this sweet bird on to me following Grandma's death, as a remembrance of her.


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Isn't that funny? I feel the same way about my grandmother. I don't feel I got to really know her. There was a language barrier. She only spoke a little English and I spoke no German! I love the bird and the story behind it. How funny about measuring yourself to her!! Enjoy your day and the weekend and your company!!!

Carol said...

Such a sweet post about your Grandma! It's nice you have some special things of hers.


Ashley ~ said...

I love anything from my grandparents, so I can sure see why that little bird is so special to you. Thanks for sharing it.
Ashley ~

Susan said...

So wonderful to have this lovely bird to remember your grandmother by. Beautiful cabinet, too!!

Julie said...

What a sweet story and a beautiful bird...What great memories..Have a wonderful weekend..Julie

Mrs. Miles said...

Visiting from Kelli's Show and Tell blogtrain!

Olala, your cabinet is chock full of gorgeous items, but I would have to choose the tree as my favorite. The story about the bird and Gramma is so nice and touched me.

Thanks for taking the time to share your history

Zaroga said...

A lovely treasure and wonderful memories of your grandma.

Elena said...

Linda, what a beautiful story of your grandma and the little bird. I never met 3 of my grandparents because they all died before I was born. My dad's mom lived long enough for me to remember. The one time I met her she gave me a beautiful blue candy dish and I still have it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with you family visiting! How fun. Love, Elena

Melinda said...

That's such a pretty little bird and what a wonderful tribute to your Grandmother!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bird and sweet memories of your grandma. My mom is about 5' tall and I remember passing her up at a young age. Now our 11-year-old is taller than Grandma.

Susie Homemaker said...

What a sweet's so nice to have little things to remember the ones we loved so much...


BECKY said...

Aawww...a pretty little birdy!! So sweet Linda and what a lovely reminder of your Grandma Daisy!

It is so important for us all to not grow weary in doing good and showing Christ to others, especially to our family. That rich heritage will be passed on for generations to come just as it has with you!! What a precious blessing, Linda.

May I also say that you have that same sweet, loving spirit!!
You are such a delight to me!
Thanks for sharing this heartwarming memory!!

HUGS 'n Holy kisses, friend!!

Anne Marie said...

If I could, I would have a huge collection of bird figurines...but alas! where to put them?

nice to meet you :)
stop on by my farm anytime~

Toni said...

what lovely memories you have of your granmom and your chldhood.

Elena said...

Hi Linda, It was nice to hear that you had a great visit with your mom, sister and family. That is wonderful. I hope you were able to play the Smilebox that I posted on my blog of Mary with her rabbits. Some people did not realize it is several pages with music. If you missed it, just try it again, turn up your sound and then click the arrow below the pages, to get it to turn the pages. Have wonderful week sweet friend. Love, Elena

BECKY said...

Hi Sweet Friend!!
Hugs to you and wishes for unspeakable joy as you celebrate the risen Lord!! Happy Easter to you and yours!!

I've missed visiting with you, but I will be MIA for a week or so!!

Love 'n hugs,