Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday - April Fools- and an Anniversary-Of Sorts

Today is April Fools Day version of Reverse Works For Me Wednesday over at We are THAT Family.
Instead of giving a solution to something we are to offer a dilemma that we need help with.

Okay, If you have read some of my early posts, you know that we have a cute squirrel family that lives in the pine tree in our back yard. They love to make themselves at home in our pumpkin AND help themselves to large amounts of bird seed from our feeders. I am spending way more that we need to for the pretty birds that come around.I have this style of feeder.

The latter is my dilemma that I bring before you today. How do you keep squirrels from climbing up the pole to hanging bird feeders? Yes, it is comical to watch them hang upside-down and swing to and fro while eating. I've thought of playing circus music to their act. They can hang there all day and eat:)

Any and all ideas will be appreciated!

April 1st is an anniversary, of sorts, for me. In 1998, on this day, at 8:30 a.m., while walking down the stairs to our front door on my way to work, I slid on a small pebble on the tile, fell, and broke my left ankle. That's how fast your day, and the next few months of your life can change:)

It was not a hard fall- just slid down to the floor, but somehow had done much damage- as the doctor said "one of the worst breaks there is-in several places". Fortunately, my husband was home and called the ambulance. Later that day, I had surgery and 9 screws and one titanium rod was put in my leg and angle. Still have those in today:)

The next six weeks were spent with my leg up- no weight-bearing allowed on it. Thank goodness for help from my sister and mom for a week and then meals brought in every other night for a month by ladies in our church. They even came to clean my house!

The funny April Fools story that our family laughs about was when our son Daniel, then in high school, picked up the grade school aged Jonathan and Amanda that day instead of me. They didn't believe him when he told them the reason he was picking them up. They had had jokes played on them all day at school and thought this was just one more April Fools prank by their brother. Their response to, "Mom broke her ankle and is in the hospital", was, " She did not! You're just trying to fool us!". And it took a phone call when they got home to convince them:)

So today, I wish for you good health and steady feet! No joke:)


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Tried to post a comment earlier but it failed. Sorry about your ankle, but funny how no one would believe you at first!!! But I can only imagine the pain you went through!!!

About the squirrels, have you tried vasoline on the poles? Have heard other people used that. Keep us informed!!!

Elena said...

I don't have any experience with squirrels, we just have birds here on our property. Wow, you poor thing. What an unusual thing to happen and on April fools day too! I hope your ankel is Ok today. I had a friend break her ankle sky diving and it still troubles her today. Blessings to you! Elena

momstheword said...

I can see why your kids would think that! To funny. I have heard people suggest that you grease a pole so that the squirrels can't climb up.

I don't know if you'd use vaseline or what kind of grease would last very long. You might want to try and google it!

Bethanie said...

I broke a bone in my left foot in 2003. Its amazing how quickly you are forced to swallow your pride and ask for help doing... everything.