Monday, September 28, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today... September 28, 2009

Outside my window... It's grey, cloudy, windy today. I'm hearing the garbage truck go down the street... I wonder how often they have to replace the brakes on their fleet of trucks--all that starting and stopping...

I am thinking... it's getting time to put the capris away and bring out the jeans and sweatshirts...fall is really here and it feels like it.

I am thankful for...In the middle of this month, Ben, Lisa and little Sophia are making a trip from Pittsburgh that we didn't expect!!! the middle of this month!! In three short weeks, they will be here for a visit!!! :) --which also means that they will be here to celebrate Sam's 2nd birthday with the rest of the family. That is also Sam's Aunt Kristen's birthday!! (Sam was born on Kristen's birthday and Sophia was born on Amanda's birthday:)

From the kitchen... for dinner tonight- meatloaf, baked potatoes, broccoli with cheese, cupcakes.

I am wearing... blue sweatshirt, blue sweats- very warm and comfy...

I am hoping...again- for dry weather so that we can paint our deck railings-too much wet weather last week.

I am hearing... Amanda singing as she gets ready to head out for her class.

I am praying... that our son Jonathan's financial aid is awarded soon. It would take a lot of pressure off of him. Also for Jonathan to stay healthy - hard classes and a job keep him very busy.

Around the house... start to get the house spruced up for Ben and Lisa's visit- cleaning, fall decorations upstairs and down.

One of my favorite things...hearing someone mowing in the distance- I don't know why-actually it inspires me to get busy, too! --- unlike our neighbor who revved up his mower at 8:15 Saturday morning--I repeat Saturday morning :/ Apparently he didn't get the (unwritten:) memo that says that, out of respect for your neighbors who want to sleep in because they stayed up too late the night before ;), no one mows until 9:00 am:) I forgave him though... bless his heart...maybe he wasn't going to be home later or something.

A few plans for the rest of the week...maybe a trip with Amanda to a local farm that sells pumpkins. It's not a trip really, -- it is literally 2 minutes away from our house-- such a fun place:) ... Pumpkins...reminds me of my very first post a year ago this month:)

I never imagined the joy of "meeting" the wonderful blogging friends that I have made this past year, or the many things that I have learned because of you! You have blessed and inspired my life...thank you:)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...* Speaking of pumpkins...

These are pictures from my first post last September about our pesky squirrels that give us so much entertainment:)

I hope you have a great week!:)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that picture is *priceless*, so cute!

Seasons of Life said...

Great post Linda. Thanks for visiting my "Seasons of Life" blog...I equally like your Autumn background. My pink one is in honor of our littlest one. I have one in college right now - from college to infant. :->

Nice meeting you, too. I'll have to stop back by in the future...especially when I get an itch for cold weather - a rarity here. :-)

Blessings ~ Jarnette @ Seasons of Life (several states away)

Anonymous said...

Happy one year of blogging! Sounds like you'll have lots of birthdays to celebrate in the coming month. It definitely feels like fall around here.

Sara said...

Hi, Linda, Thank you for dropping by my blog - it was really nice of you...

And, I loved your Daybook today. It is starting to feel like fall here too...actually, I wore sweats to lunch with a friend.

I bought a pumpkin this week-end - the sign said ""great pumpkin for pie" - and I've never made one directly from the pumpkin!!!

Do come back and visit again...

Grandmother Wren said...

What a fun Daybook! I love the pictures of the squirrels and pumpkins - it was fun going back to visit your first post.
Enjoy the beginning of Autumn and preparing for the visit from your family -
it's a wonderful time of the year!

Elena said...

How wonderful to have your kids come visit. It sounds like a lot of fun. I love it when family members share birthdays. I was born on my uncle's birthday. My daughter, Mary, was born on my brother's oldest daughter's birthday and the biggest one was my nephew was born on his mom's birthday and my mom's birthday. So, was born on his mom's and grandma's birthday. I think that is so cool! The cold weather is setting in here too. My husband just loves it because it makes his job so much easier. I am so thankful for having met you in blogland too. Hugs, elena

BECKY said...

Hi My Friend! Missed your daybook yesterday but here I am! You know, you are one in the handful of bloggers I would really love to meet in person! You are just such a lovely person!! ((hug))!!

I am so excited for you and started tearing up when I read that you're having a surprise visit!! I know that just made yor heart jump for JOY!!

We started blogging around the same time. My one year is in November. Sure doesn't seem like it's been that long! I would never imagined how awesome this whole adventure would be! And am so thankful for the blessing of YOU!!

Your first post was a hoot gal! That squirrel looked a little chubby from all that pumpkin!! Too cute!

Love to you, sweetie!
Happee Wednesday!!