Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Headng South!

Yes! We are heading south to Indianapolis this weekend for our nephew's wedding. The bottom is starting to drop out of the temperatures here in Wisconsin (and elsewhere, I hear) for the next few days. It won't be a great difference in weather, but it looks like we will gain a balmy 10 degrees once we arrive- hey I'll take it!!:)

I am so looking forward to getting there and being with family members whom we rarely get to see. The groom is my husband's sister's son, Karl, who is finishing up med school, and his lovely bride-to-be, Emily, finished up her PhD in Pharmaceutical studies last Spring. wow! I hear it was a challenge to find a wedding date, with their hectic schedules. But they did and off we go!!:)

The wedding and reception is being held at a beautiful downtown hotel, --so nice for out-of-towners who don't know the city. And with the shivering winter going on outside, we will be snug and warm and having a wonderful time inside!

I have relatives who also live in Indiana, whom I rarely get to see. AND we are going to meet for the first time this happy little guy- Corbin! He belongs to my niece, Kristy and her husband, Dean.

What a cutey!

Here is my brother, Steve and SIL Opal ( also known as Papaw and Mamaw:) Corbin is their fourth grandchild. Their son, Dennis and his wife Shelby are expecting #5! They've got this grandparent thing down:)
And, yeah, I know!-- they look way young to be grandparents!!:) Happy 35th Anniversary last December:) Did I mention they are also crazy fun to be around?!

Kristy and Dean, live in Indy and guess what?-- Kristy just got her nursing degree last semester. Hey, so if anybody's feeling bad, we've got it covered for this trip!:)

Uh-hum...I think their favorite team is GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!:)
Here's something else I've been wondering about. Karl (Lon's nephew) and Kristy (my niece) have been in med school and nursing school respectively, and worked at the same hospital in Indy. I didn't know this until this week. Wouldn't it be wild if they have seen each other, or have worked together , or just know each other's faces---but have never known that they both have an Aunt Linda and Uncle Lon and have our kids as their first cousins?!! We'll find out on Saturday-- stay tuned!

And you are not going to believe it, but guess who else we get to see this weekend??!
Okay, here's a little hint...look at those sweet braids:)

Yes!! It's Sophia !! This is little Miss Big Stuff standing up:)
She cracks me up.

Here is Sophie trying to send Grammy an email, telling me that she is coming to see me...
"Where is that "send" button on this thing?"
Yup! Ben, Lisa and Sophie are traveling from Pittsburgh to Indy for the wedding! I can hardly stand it!!:) Am I using too many smiley faces? Ok, I'll try to stop...

If you have a spare minute, would you please pray for safety for all the ones traveling from different parts of the country for Karl and Emily's wedding? Winter stuff is going on all around. Thanks so much.

Photos by Kristy B. and Lisa C.


BECKY said...

I am just smiling ear to ear Linda!! It just delights me more than I can say to read of your trip and the joy of seeing folks you don't get to see often! I know they're looking forward to visiting with you too!! And I about lost it with those pics of Sophie!!!!!!!! Oh. My. Lanta!!!!
Too too too cute!!

It is my wonderful privilege to pray for the safety of you ALL!! And for a trip full of joyful blessings!!

Can't wait to hear all about it!!
Love ya gal!! Have a blast!! Hope you can handle that heat wave!! HA!!!

Carol said...

Have a safe trip! I can tell you're so excited about spending time with you family. Enjoy!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Have a safe trip Linda! I'll keep you in my prayers.

Love, love, love all the pictures of the adorable little ones in your life! Especially Sophie! She's so cute!

Enjoy the wonderful time with your family!

Sharon said...

Prayers for a safe trip.
I can tell that you are so excited to see family. I would be too.
Can't wait to hear all about your trips and I hope to see more photos of the grands.

Elena said...

Wow, have a safe trip and I will pray for all those travel to and from the wedding. Sounds like a wonderful family celebration! Take care and try and stay warm in all that cold weather! I love little Sophie's braids. Too sweet!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time at the wedding, visiting relatives, and seeing Sophie! Ten degrees makes a big difference this time of year.
Wishing you all safe travels!

LDH said...

Oh, Linda, I can tell you are going to have a wonderful trip and visit with so many family members.

I love seeing all of the smiling faces in the pictures you post!

Kindly, ldh