Monday, January 11, 2010

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For Today... January 11, 2010

Outside my window...It's about 19 degrees and headed for a high of 24 today- a bit of a heat wave for our area. By Sunday, they are predicting 40 degrees-- oh my goodness!

I am thinking... what a wonderful Christmas we had with all the kids and families here. I got very few pictures on Christmas morning because the camera was set on video when I turned it on, so I just kept it there while the grandkids opened some gifts. That used up most of the memory and no time to "dump" the pics onto the computer then-- so I'll have to rely on DsIL's photos this year:)

I am thankful for... our wonderful, warm house and all the provisions we are blessed with. In these cold days of winter, it makes one stop and think of all the really lovely basic things we have that make our lives so blessed! Thank you, Lord!

From the kitchen... I made breakfast for DH and Amanda this morning. It was nice sitting down with Amanda before she headed out for her first day back for her second semester of college. Did I mention that it's called "Spring" Semester?!!:)

I am wearing...yup, still in my jammies and robe.

I am hoping...and praying that things work out so that we can go to our nephew's wedding in Indiana at the end of this month.

I am hearing...a UPS truck start up the street after making a delivery.

I am remembering...that today is my brother, Wayne's birthday ! Happy Birthday Wayne!! We have shared January as our birthday month since I was 6 years old:) Wayne was born two days before my birthday when I was in first grade.
I've posted previously about how the nice maintenance lady at school, Gladys Ragan, smiled and showed interest in a little first grader's enthusiastic announcement that I had a new baby brother.
I probably remember that birthday, because my mom was in the hospital (for about a week back then for births). Our grandmother came and stayed with us. We didn't see Grandma McDonald very much, so it was also a week of getting to know her better. I remember it being a happy birthday- I got a toy xzlophone that Dad had bought at the hospital gift shop. I loved it! I also remember Dad and Grandma apologizing for the lopsided birthday cake- and Grandma chuckling about it being "held together with icing". :)
Looking back on it years later, I think that they were a little unsure of themselves- that everything would go okay for my birthday in Mom's absense. But I didn't mind. I had a gift and a cake, lots of love and a new baby brother- what more does a 6-year-old need?

I am praying...for all those in the southern states who are being hit with unusually cold weather. Water pipes and street crews are not prepared for subfreezing temps.

Around the house...Putting Christmas decorations away. And thinking of new decorating ideas for around the house. Seems like January is always a good month for that:)

On my thankful I am for students and adults who gave their time and talents for the TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) gathering over the weekend. Amanda always comes home feeling so blessed to have gone and served others in either coming to know Christ or having a deeper relationship with Him.

One of my favorite things... seeing a cardinal sitting on a snowy tree branch. Such a beautiful bright color!

A few plans for the rest of the week...planning some new recipes- digging into some of my recipe books.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...*

Here they are together! Grammy's sweethearts---
Eli, Sam and Sophia!:)

Photo by Lisa C.


Brooke Collier said...

hehe. i love the story about your 6th birthday. fun to look back at that with the insight of an adult.

can tim and i bring you over a scrumptious dinner on sunday afternoon, to celebrate your bithday with you? we won't have a xylophone, but probably could definitely come up with some cake.


Brooke Collier said...

also, i'll burn a CD of christmas photos for you!

LDH said...

digging into some recipe books... that always makes me happy!

The picture of your dear little ones is precious!

Nice visiting with your today :)

Elena said...

Hi Linda, It is so nice to read your post in the new year! It sounds like you had a very happy and warm Christmas with all your kids. I loved you story of your birthday. So cute! What an adorable picture of your 3 sweeties! Blessings to you dear friend. Keep warm! Hugs, Elena

Anonymous said...

Stopping in to say hello. You have beautiful grandchildren. I enjoyed reading about your day.

Have a blessed week,
Joyce Marie

dana said...

I really enjoyed your post today!

Yes, it does sound like you guys have been dealing with bad weather, too. We finally climbed into the 20s yesterday and had a bit of sun, so we had some nice melting going on. Unfortunately, the area is socked in with fog and the roads are a bit slick from the "refreeze". :(

Your little grands are so sweet in your picture...I am so glad you had a good Christmas with them.

Stay warm and enjoy your new recipes! Dana

Anonymous said...

What a cute group of grandkids! Happy Birthday to you and your brother! Love seeing the sunshine and feeling the warmer temps. Perhaps spring is on the way!

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