Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Headng South!

Yes! We are heading south to Indianapolis this weekend for our nephew's wedding. The bottom is starting to drop out of the temperatures here in Wisconsin (and elsewhere, I hear) for the next few days. It won't be a great difference in weather, but it looks like we will gain a balmy 10 degrees once we arrive- hey I'll take it!!:)

I am so looking forward to getting there and being with family members whom we rarely get to see. The groom is my husband's sister's son, Karl, who is finishing up med school, and his lovely bride-to-be, Emily, finished up her PhD in Pharmaceutical studies last Spring. wow! I hear it was a challenge to find a wedding date, with their hectic schedules. But they did and off we go!!:)

The wedding and reception is being held at a beautiful downtown hotel, --so nice for out-of-towners who don't know the city. And with the shivering winter going on outside, we will be snug and warm and having a wonderful time inside!

I have relatives who also live in Indiana, whom I rarely get to see. AND we are going to meet for the first time this happy little guy- Corbin! He belongs to my niece, Kristy and her husband, Dean.

What a cutey!

Here is my brother, Steve and SIL Opal ( also known as Papaw and Mamaw:) Corbin is their fourth grandchild. Their son, Dennis and his wife Shelby are expecting #5! They've got this grandparent thing down:)
And, yeah, I know!-- they look way young to be grandparents!!:) Happy 35th Anniversary last December:) Did I mention they are also crazy fun to be around?!

Kristy and Dean, live in Indy and guess what?-- Kristy just got her nursing degree last semester. Hey, so if anybody's feeling bad, we've got it covered for this trip!:)

Uh-hum...I think their favorite team is GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!:)
Here's something else I've been wondering about. Karl (Lon's nephew) and Kristy (my niece) have been in med school and nursing school respectively, and worked at the same hospital in Indy. I didn't know this until this week. Wouldn't it be wild if they have seen each other, or have worked together , or just know each other's faces---but have never known that they both have an Aunt Linda and Uncle Lon and have our kids as their first cousins?!! We'll find out on Saturday-- stay tuned!

And you are not going to believe it, but guess who else we get to see this weekend??!
Okay, here's a little hint...look at those sweet braids:)

Yes!! It's Sophia !! This is little Miss Big Stuff standing up:)
She cracks me up.

Here is Sophie trying to send Grammy an email, telling me that she is coming to see me...
"Where is that "send" button on this thing?"
Yup! Ben, Lisa and Sophie are traveling from Pittsburgh to Indy for the wedding! I can hardly stand it!!:) Am I using too many smiley faces? Ok, I'll try to stop...

If you have a spare minute, would you please pray for safety for all the ones traveling from different parts of the country for Karl and Emily's wedding? Winter stuff is going on all around. Thanks so much.

Photos by Kristy B. and Lisa C.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Sonya at Truth 4 The Journey has invited us to join her and list of five things for which we are thankful.

1. I am thankful for time spent with our family over the past few weeks at Christmas and then again last week for my birthday. Also for the possible opportunity to see Ben, Lisa and Sophie again if we get to go to our nephew's wedding at the end of the month-- not to mention all the family we will see at the wedding! Thank you Lord, for keeping our kids and their families safe in travel and for the time we have together.

2. I am thankful for my husband and his gentle ways. It is a blessing to married to a man of character and who is a man of God. Thank you, Lord for how my dh was raised up to follow you and that he has continued to make the decision to follow you in his life.

3. I am thankful for the break in the cold, subfreezing temperatures that went on for so long. -- And for the hope that Spring brings. Thank you Lord, for the four seasons and for your design of ever changing beauty around us in this world.

4. I am thankful for Christian writers whose books turn us toward the Bible to study more. So often, it is easy to read the books and not the Bible, where the Truth is. Thank you Lord, for the Christian writers, but most of all for Your writings that tell us of Jesus and your love for us! And also, thank you for the many Bible study leaders and for the hours of preparation they give to lead the studies.

5. I am thankful for the joy that a child brings to those around them- the smiles, the laughter, playing and imagination- just the joy of watching them learn about the world around them. Thank you Lord, for these little ones. Bless their parents...Help us as families to always be guiding them to you.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Static Electricity!

I have a feeling there was a game of "peek-a-boo" going on here;)
Happy Wednesday!

Photo by Lisa C.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Peggy over at The Simple Woman's Daybook is the gracious host here.

For Today... January 18, 2010

Outside my window...Cloudy- they say that the sun might peek out this morning- we'll see... yesterday we woke to discover all the trees decorated beautifully with a coat of white. It didn't snow...but we had was frozen cool...literally:)

I am thinking... what a wonderful "birthday week" I've had! On Wednesday, my sweet husband took off half a day to be with me, and Nathan and Kristen brought dinner and spent the evening with us- so sweet:) On Sunday, Brooke,Tim, Jess and Daniel brought in lunch and we all got together again-( we missed having Kristen and Jonathan here-they had to work. And of course, Ben,Lisa, and Sophie are so far away). The girls and guys did everything- including cleanup- while I played with Sam and Eli! What a gift!!:)

I am thankful for... our sons and daughter and daughters-in-law who show us so much love. What a blessing they are!!

From the kitchen...there's one piece of birthday cake left that's calling my name today:)

I am wearing...jammies.

I am get our tree down this week! Yes, it's still up:) - not lit, just up. But hey, Sam was DELIGHTED to see it when he came in the door yesterday!!That's enough for me. I joked with the kids that we'll leave it up and if the groundhog sees his shadow we'll keep it up for six more weeks:)--jk- take it easy ladies- I know some of you are freaking out out there;0) One thing you'll learn about me is that after raising six children, very little freaks me out:) okay except pulling teeth- never could do that!

I am hearing...the hum of the computer-- pretty quiet around here. Amanda is sleeping after a late night with her friends-MLK day today- so no classes.

I am mom would make our favorite dinner and flavor of cake on our birthday each year. :) Thanks, Mom, for the great memories!

I am praying...for relief and safety for the people of Haiti. And for all the relief workers- thankful for their generous spirits and loving hearts.

Around the house...uh- taking the tree down:) and doing some sprucing up.

On my mind...what a great husband I have! So thankful for him.

One of my favorite things...a tiny baby's smile:)

A few plans for the rest of the week...hmmm...don't know yet-- except taking the tree down;)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...*when we were growing up, we always had our picture taken standing in front of either the door or the refrigerator, while holding our birthday cake. This was my 8th birthday...

Have a great week!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Peggy over at The Simple Woman's Daybook is the gracious host here.

For Today... January 11, 2010

Outside my window...It's about 19 degrees and headed for a high of 24 today- a bit of a heat wave for our area. By Sunday, they are predicting 40 degrees-- oh my goodness!

I am thinking... what a wonderful Christmas we had with all the kids and families here. I got very few pictures on Christmas morning because the camera was set on video when I turned it on, so I just kept it there while the grandkids opened some gifts. That used up most of the memory and no time to "dump" the pics onto the computer then-- so I'll have to rely on DsIL's photos this year:)

I am thankful for... our wonderful, warm house and all the provisions we are blessed with. In these cold days of winter, it makes one stop and think of all the really lovely basic things we have that make our lives so blessed! Thank you, Lord!

From the kitchen... I made breakfast for DH and Amanda this morning. It was nice sitting down with Amanda before she headed out for her first day back for her second semester of college. Did I mention that it's called "Spring" Semester?!!:)

I am wearing...yup, still in my jammies and robe.

I am hoping...and praying that things work out so that we can go to our nephew's wedding in Indiana at the end of this month.

I am hearing...a UPS truck start up the street after making a delivery.

I am remembering...that today is my brother, Wayne's birthday ! Happy Birthday Wayne!! We have shared January as our birthday month since I was 6 years old:) Wayne was born two days before my birthday when I was in first grade.
I've posted previously about how the nice maintenance lady at school, Gladys Ragan, smiled and showed interest in a little first grader's enthusiastic announcement that I had a new baby brother.
I probably remember that birthday, because my mom was in the hospital (for about a week back then for births). Our grandmother came and stayed with us. We didn't see Grandma McDonald very much, so it was also a week of getting to know her better. I remember it being a happy birthday- I got a toy xzlophone that Dad had bought at the hospital gift shop. I loved it! I also remember Dad and Grandma apologizing for the lopsided birthday cake- and Grandma chuckling about it being "held together with icing". :)
Looking back on it years later, I think that they were a little unsure of themselves- that everything would go okay for my birthday in Mom's absense. But I didn't mind. I had a gift and a cake, lots of love and a new baby brother- what more does a 6-year-old need?

I am praying...for all those in the southern states who are being hit with unusually cold weather. Water pipes and street crews are not prepared for subfreezing temps.

Around the house...Putting Christmas decorations away. And thinking of new decorating ideas for around the house. Seems like January is always a good month for that:)

On my thankful I am for students and adults who gave their time and talents for the TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) gathering over the weekend. Amanda always comes home feeling so blessed to have gone and served others in either coming to know Christ or having a deeper relationship with Him.

One of my favorite things... seeing a cardinal sitting on a snowy tree branch. Such a beautiful bright color!

A few plans for the rest of the week...planning some new recipes- digging into some of my recipe books.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...*

Here they are together! Grammy's sweethearts---
Eli, Sam and Sophia!:)

Photo by Lisa C.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

God Bless You in 2010!!

To All My Blogging Friends!!:)