Friday, March 13, 2009

Show and Tell Friday - Hutch

Show and Tell Kelli @ There's No Place Like Home is hosting Show and Tell Friday. Don't miss seeing Kelli's Springtime centerpiece and all of the other treasures of the ladies participating this week!

In previous posts, I have shown some of our heirloom items.
This hutch also came to us from my husband's dad, and originally belonged to his grandmother.

Right next to it in our kitchen are the pitcher and bowl, and early American picture that I have shown you before.

My kitchen's decor has fruit on the wallpaper border, and displayed on the hutch are my set of dishes with a fruit design.

I read that in early America, these were called cupboards- a hutch was for rabbits:)

It's shelves and drawers offer plenty of storage space. The two outer smaller drawers are lined with felt for silverware. And the long drawer is perfect for storing table linens.

The warm wood golden oak color adds warmth to our kitchen. Our home has a large eat-in kitchen and no formal dining room, so this stands by our oak kitchen table. We treasure this because of its history in the family.

I was watching the Andy Grffith show one day and noticed that our hutch is very similar to Aunt Bea's hutch on the set. I taped some of the show and paused the tape to see it clearer. Her hutch also has a scallop design on the top and the same shelf design and number of drawers. Ours has metal hardware, while Aunt Bea's has wooden knobs.
You can go to here and see Aunt Bea's hutch at the beginning of the episode titled, Andy's Rival.
The Andy Griffith Show is one of my favorites! So it's nice to know that you can go back and visit Mayberry, in full episodes of the show, anytime you want at this website:) Enjoy!


Brenda (Spruce Creek Farm) said...

What a lovely hutch. I also like the way you have your dishes arranged.Very homey looking.

Elena said...

That is a beautiful hutch. I have fruit design dishes too and a fruit theme in my kitchen:) So, nice to see a lovely piece of furniture with so much family history attached to it.

Love Bears All Things said...

I enjoyed your show & tell. I would have thought the hutch is pine by the look of it. It is obviously well made. I like the way you've displayed the dishes.
Thanks for sharing,
Mama Bear

Smilingsal said...

I like you cupboard. Thanks for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Friday.

Lady Katherine said...

I love the cupboard, OK hutch, hard for me to change. lol The dishes are so pretty. I still love your print! How great it is like Aunt B's! I will have to pay closer attention next time I watch. I am trying to decide, I need more dish room, may build just build a large shelf. Love yours!

Linda said...

All looks so nice together and nice that you have family things.
Linda Q

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Your hutch is so beautiful!! It is very similar to the one my mother has and YES I have noticed it before on Andy Griffith. I love that show!!! Loved all your heirlooms!! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely hutch to hold all your dishes. Enjoyed reading the history of it too.

KBeau said...

What a lovely piece of furniture. I've always liked those dishes and once had some similar ones.

Susan said...

Alovely early American hutch.

Susie Homemaker said...

Your hutch is nice to be the keeper of the past!


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

You have some lovely things. I like the hutch, I think I like the name cupboard, don't you? Makes me think of "Old Mother Hubbard...."

Thanks for sharing!


Lisa Ann said...

Your hutch is beautiful. I love heirloom pieces like that.

Susan B said...

Your hutch is beautiful, and it's lovely that it's a family heirloom. Your dishes are pretty too. Thank you for sharing.

Zaroga said...

Beautiful hutch and beautiful dishes, Linda.

Love Andy Griffith Show.

Kelli said...

Your hutch is just beautiful and I love your display of dishes. Very nice!

Rose Haven said...


Please stop by and then email me your info.


The American Homemaker said...

I love it! Very pretty :)

Unknown said...

I have the same hutch how old is it and what it and what IS it worth. The top of drawer has a few scratches but it is beautiful i would like to sale it.

Danny Taylor said...

I have the same hutch how old is it and what it and what IS it worth. The top of drawer has a few scratches but it is beautiful i would like to sale it.