Monday, March 9, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook- March 9

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For Today... Monday, March 9,2009

Outside my window..Bright sunshine on another one and a half inches of heavy snow, making everything look like a winter wonder land. Yes, it's March in Wisconsin...Repeat after me --"Spring will come, Spring will come..."
Since temps are rising today, we are using the "no shoveling" advice of our then, 13 or 14 year old son, Ben (he's 27 now:). As he was heading out to shovel the driveway yet again, he lamented, "Why can't we just wait until May and it will all just melt?"

I am thinking... that I need to get serious this week with purging and organizing several rooms.

I am thankful for...the promise of Spring around the corner... and more daylight in the evenings after the time changed Sunday.

From the kitchen...dishes waiting to be loaded into the dishwasher. Seeing the birds out the window, wondering why the bird feeder is empty (see picture below:).

I am wearing... pajamas - I do my best (morning) work in my pj's -- (pssst...don't tell the Flylady:)

I am reading... through my stack of magazines as I cut out what I want to save from them and then send them out to the recycle bin.

I am hoping...that maybe this could be our last snow???

I am creating...some space in our home after purging clutter and giving away stuff.

I am hearing...the sound of tires hitting the wet pavement outside, Fox and Friends on the kitchen tv.

Around the house... the work in progress of becoming more clutter free and organized.

One of my favorite things...talking with our sons and catching up with their lives. I am blessed to be these guys' mom.

A few plans for the rest of the week...continuing on the piles- getting rid of things we don't use. Blessing this home with peace and making it a restful haven for the family-- and being ready with hospitality.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

This is what it looks like outside our backdoor this morning. It is beautiful, especially since it is one of our last snowfalls of the winter...

In March, we never say never:)

I think the stone goose has had enough winter for this year:)
Fortunately, the forecast calls for temperatures in the mid 40's later today. Yay!


brooke sellers said...

except for the fact that i'm sick of snow, too, these photos of your backyard draped in white snow are beautiful.

we didn't get any here in michigan. we had a thunderstorm, instead. which i adore. today the sun is shining and i hear birds. yes, spring IS coming.

Divamom said...

Wow! Your backyard is gorgeous! We didn't get any snow this year, just ice. Although, you never know what can happen in Texas!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

The trees were so pretty this morning. As it melted, we had to watch for falling drops of snow! Have a great day.

Zaroga said...

Here it is about 80 degrees... sun and clouds... right now mostly clouds. The bees are sucking all the nectar from the azaleas. Experiencing Spring and hope it comes to you soon. Love the photos :-)

Elena said...

Dear Linda, It was great hearing about your day. The snow pictures are so pretty but I can see how you would be longing for spring when it is so cold out there. Where I live we just get a lot of rain and few times it snows for a day or two. So, snow is very magical, but I would not like to be there all the time. I think for me the cold days make the spring and summer so magical and wonderful. I do love the seasons! Have a wonderful day! Love, Elena

Susan B said...

I enjoyed reading your Daybook. Your pictures are very pretty...though I can understand the desire for Spring...and no snow!