Monday, July 13, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook- July 13, 2009

Peggy over at The Simple Woman's Daybook is on a well-deserved summer vacation. Ladies who want to join in a "summer daybook" can link up at Grandmother Wren's. Thank you Grandmother Wren!

For Today... July 13, 2009

Outside my window..I'll tell ya, we are going to get spoiled with this BEAUTIFUL, low humidity, sun-shiney, July weather! Love it!!

I am thinking... that I need to get some shopping done this week. Still need a dress for Tim's wedding-- along with all the usual shopping.

I am thankful sister and the great relationship we have. I treasure our phone calls--either the ones where we vent- or the ones where we laugh so hard we cry- or blow iced tea out our nose:)

From the kitchen... It's gonna be have to be inventive today, until I do grocery shopping this afternoon... our shelves are looking more and more like Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard-bare:) Grocery shopping needed.

I am wearing... pj's-I couldn't sleep last night -wide awake for some reason- and I'm paying for it this morning.

I am hoping... to find some things for my home schooling friend in my "teacher stuff", stored in Rubbermaid bins. Also that Amanda hears word that she is in the medical study that she wants to get into for some college money.

I am hearing...a fan- windows are open and the a/c is off--for a while. Birds are chirping and the coffeemaker is sputtering.

I am praying...for Brooke and Tim as they plan their wedding.

Around the house... laundry- and a big project- painting the deck railing.

One of my favorite things...watermelon...mmm mmm mmm:)

A few plans for the rest of the week...getting Amanda to help me with some rearranging of rooms and a trip to GW to deposit some clothes and to do a little browsing:)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...*

Our cherry tree is full of beautiful red cherries... that are the worst tasting thing that you ever put in your mouth! ( If you look closer, you can also see how loaded our apple tree is with apples this year-- those are great apples!)

Even the birds are slow to eat them this summer:)

Does anyone have information on growing cherries and why this happens? The tree was here when we moved here almost 23 years ago... so I don't know the name of the tree.


BECKY said...

Hi Sweet friend! You just totally cracked me up with the laughing with your sis and iced tea coming out your nose!! When we were kids my sis made me laugh so hard JELLO came out my nose!! AAAHHHH!! It was soooo funny!! Thanks for making me think about it today!! Such fun!

You know, daily Bible time is a struggle for all of us at some time or another. I am 51 and finally learning that everything is better when I start my day that way!!
You are so sweet and humble and I just love ya, gal!!
Praying that your week is full of loveliness!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Okay, my sister and I once laughed so hard she actually peed! Well, we were only 13 and 12, so that was okay!

What kind of study does your daughter want to be involved in? Always heard about them but never knew anyone who did them! Hope it works out.

Enjoy your day! Hope you find a dress!

Elena said...

Great post! I love watermelon too. In fact Mary and I were outside about an hour ago eating some. She was in her little bathing suit chewing on watermelon pieces with red juice running down her chin! I don't know anything about cherries, so I'm not much help on that:) Have a wonderful day dear friend! Hugs, Elena

Lisa Collier said...

yum, watermelon! i'll be thinking of you as i bite into my next slice. can't wait to see you in about a month! you'll have to let us know your plans (where you'll be staying, how long, etc.). much love.

hip chick said...

Those are my favorite sounds in the morning...birds, coffee and laundry going.
I don't know anything about cherry trees but your's sure does look pretty.

Anonymous said...

Monday was a beautiful day! I need to get grocery shopping this week. We've been getting by with what we buy at Target. Have a great week!

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